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Comments and quotes about RoboCop2 by cast and crew. The quotes are taken from various sources such as DVD commentarys and magazines.

"Some people were most appalled by the things I thought were very funny. It's hard for me to see, because I was on the set, but I think it kind of veered out of control. I don't know, it's hard, because when I see it, I remember what it felt like to be there on the set, with all the crew and people all around. So it's hard to watch. There must have been a half-dozen drafts of RoboCop 2. And there were many hands as time went by."

"I suppose this was the first thing that made me think about making a sequel, because they used to say "well, she is going to return as a robot..." I never thought that as a real possibility, because everybody expected it, if you’re going to make a sequel, you cannot stay with the predictable. If I have to tell the truth I never thought to make a sequel, when people used to talk about it I thought that was ridiculous. The first time that I seriously thought about it was when Jon Davidson (the producer) called. “You know it, right? RoboCop2?” then I thought: “oh, that’s interesting”

"Originally, after the first one, the studio immediatly wanted a sequel and the writers, the producer and myself all felt we needed more time to find something innovative again instead of cashing in on what was there. But the studio were so impatient, they dropped the writers and so i decided to abandon the project. So they proceeded anyhow, and the results basically were never at the level of the first one. I saw them just for the sake of knowing what was happening, but i was not even disappointed because i thought that the studio completely underestimated the talent and the art that we used to make the first one. I still feel that the ideas we had for the second one were highly superior to what was done afterwards."

JON DAVISON (Producer Robo1&2)
"People sure hated the second one though. Frank Miller and I were murdered and Irv Kershner never directed another picture."

"I saw RoboCop twice. I saw it when it first came out and then I ran it once on cassette and that was it. I never wanted to see it again. I felt that what i remembered, the residual memory, was enough. I wanted a different style of shooting. I wanted the character to go further than they did the first time. I was working towards an emotional base that would be true to robo one year later."

"There was a couple of things that made the character more human that weren´t used. I can´t remember exactly what the scenes were, I just remember wondering why they wern´t in."

"I didn’t have the best experience on the second film, it’s a personal thing, too, wanting to work things out. I felt so good about our work in the first one, and something happened on the second one-it just wasn’t good chemistry for me. To me, the character didn’t even resemble Lewis from the first film."

"I have to say it didn’t quite have the third great act that Robocop 1 had, and by the time I was into the second one I knew I was tired of it, plus David Cronenberg had asked me to do Naked Lunch with him, so I was happy to do it, and was happy to be gone."

JON DAVISON (Producer Robo1&2)
"I never thought I would be involved in another RoboCop picture, I swore I would not do another RoboCop picture. It was the last thing i ever wanted to do."

JOSEPH OBRIEN (Co Writer RoboCop:PD)
"One of my favorite moments in ROBO 2 is the confrontation between Murphy and his wife. It's a powerful scene, and it really addresses the central tragedy of Alex Murphy's life. One of ROBOCOP 2's major flaws is that it dropped this potentially compelling storyline after that scene."

JOSEPH OBRIEN (Co Writer RoboCop:PD)
I think Frank Miller is a jaw-droppingly-good writer, and I've been a fan of his since his days writing and drawing DAREDEVIL - but, for whatever reason, his style didn't translate well to the medium of motion pictures.