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Comments and quotes about RoboCop3 by cast and crew.

"I like the way things are solved in this one, I’ve come a full circle with Lewis, it’s done for me and it’s time to go on something else."

"I never saw it, I went on to make Naked Lunch and never looked back."

"It's a fairly stylish movie, it cuts together, and the spirit of the script is there. I think it's my best movie. It was a real difficult shoot, and very satisfying for me."

"None of the sequels seem to have understood what we were doing in the first place. Most sequels are made to cash in."

"With RoboCop3, the studio had its reactions to the criticism that the script had to accommodate. Since I disagreed with some of the things they were doing, I felt i was the person most qualified to produce what was supposed to be much more of a family film. I basically handed that over to the director, Fred Dekker, and the final draft was his. It was still largely my story and my characters, but he did a little more of the accommodating than i would. I know many of my gags and a number of my characters are in it. Fred did do an awful lot of work on it, and while it´s easy and very common in Hollywood to say, "well, I did all the good stuff," that wouldn´t be appropriate here.

"The movie was not well regarded. I also think it was a no-win situation. The character that Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner created is a really interesting character. The first movie, the Paul Verhoeven movie, is a great movie. But his personal journey is really over at the end of that first movie, and he isn't the type of character like James Bond that's going to necessarily benefit from repeated adventures. In retrospect, we were screwed from the get-go. The company that I made the movie for was really adamant that we skew to a slighter younger audience. I don't think that was a mistake per-say, except that the character is very dark and his world is very violent and cynical. I think it was an uneasy alliance there. We had a lot of strikes against us, but I'm actually very pleased with a lot of that movie. ."

"Basically, RoboCop can do two things, he can feel sorry for himself, or he can blow shit up. I really believe that that's the only way to succeed with a sequel, to give the fans of the character what they expect, but then also to confound those expectations and give them something else."

"It was a good summer job."

JANE BARTELME (co-producer RoboCop3)
"We have targeted a wider audience, we find that children relate to RoboCop so, we’ve made him more accessible to children, and toned down the violence."

"Weller defined the character in terms of movement and action. He left me a hell of a strong signature. But like a good many larger-than-life characters, there´s room for interpretion."

"They wanted to be able to save money by using the old suits from the second picture, so they were on the hunt for an actor who would fit into the suit we had, it was the Cinderella Syndrome. They found two actors they liked, and the one that fit into the suit the best was Robert Burke. But it wasn't as if he was cast merely because he fit the suit; Robert had had mime training, so he was able to do really good robotic moves."

JOSEPH OBRIEN (Co Writer RoboCop:PD)
ROBOCOP 3 had some great moments, a great Basil Poledouris score, and I think Robert Burke did an excellent job taking over from Peter Weller. The idea of "accessorising" RoboCop with a gun-arm and a flight-pack was cute, but it really felt more like a real merchandising consideration than a joke ABOUT merchandising. It also started the trend towards the more "kid-friendly" RoboCop that ultimately reached its nadir in the TV series, with a heavily-armed law enforcement cyborg who never killed anybody!