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The main plot of RoboCop 2 is the title character's struggle to regain the humanity that he lost when he was turned into RoboCop in the first film. Indeed, that motif drove most of the events of the first film, and is a widely used theme. However, in contrast to the dominant main plot of the first film, the story in RoboCop 2 is mainly driven by a number of sub-plots.

One sub-plot, introduced at the beginning of the movie, concerns the consequences of RoboCop's realization of his former identity, and his impotent attempt to reach out to his family. Having found out where they moved after he was killed, he merely drives by their house day after day, greatly distressing his former wife (Angie Bolling). She eventually complains and threatens to sue OCP, so they allow her to see him. Beforehand, Holzgang (Jeff McCarthy), a lawyer of OCP, insistently reminds Robocop that he could never have his life back as Alex Murphy and that he is a machine. Upon seeing his wife, he tells her that the face was placed on him to honor the dead Alex Murphy and that he is just a machine. Though impassive in the face of her sadness and confusion, he intently watches as she leaves his life, forever.

The overarching plot of the movie concerns the attempt by Omni Consumer Products (OCP) to contrive the default of the debt of the old City of Detroit. It plans to foreclose, take over the city government, demolish the old city, and put up a planned community, Delta City, in its place. The replacement of government with corporate control that OCP espouses, arguing that "anybody can buy OCPs stock, and own a piece of our city. What could be more democratic than that?", can be considered a type of market populism. As part of this plan, it has forced a police strike by putting an end to the police pension plan. As RoboCop cannot go on strike, this merely increases his police duties as the city sinks further into chaos and terror.

Meanwhile, the Security Concepts division of OCP continues to sink tens of millions of dollars into the development of a more advanced and stronger cyborg a "RoboCop 2". Each project ends up a disaster; once the transformed officers realize what they've become, they immediately turn suicidal (one shoots the scientists around him before killing himself). The only reason Murphy has survived and adapted was because of his exceedingly strong sense of duty to the law (and in the first movie, his desire for vengeance). Therefore, the scientists come up with a new idea a criminal with a similar overcoming desire: a desire for power and immortality, regardless of the cost.

In this movie, RoboCop's primary mission is to deal with the distribution of a powerful, addictive, synthetic narcotic named "Nuke". The drug is distributed by a man by the name of Cain (Tom Noonan), who as a result of his drug abuse appears to have a messiah complex; he believes that Nuke, which he desires to distribute to the entire city, is the way to paradise. He is assisted by his girlfriend Angie (Galyn Grg); a foul-mouthed, yet very competent ten-year old boy, Hob (Gabriel Damon) whom RoboCop cannot shoot because of his age and the resemblance to his own son; and a corrupt police officer who is controlled by his addiction to Nuke.

Having learned of Cain's involvement in the production of Nuke, RoboCop confronts him and his gang at an abandoned construction site, in which he is rendered immobile by a powerful electromagnet and disassembled; the pieces are left in front of the striking officers of the Detroit Police. OCP is reluctant to foot the massive costs to repair him and is considering shutting him down for good, despite the protests from the RoboCop project members and fellow police officers.

However, he is saved when Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer), an OCP psychologist who has taken charge of the new Robocop team, argues for the importance of him as a figure of the community; through lobbying a panel of private citizens, she creates a list of over 300 new directives to be added to his program. Though resistant at first, Murphy is ultimately powerless to refuse the new commands and is unable to take aggressive action against criminals, even to defend himself (except for one instance where he shoots around a man's head to get him to stop smoking). Eventually examined by the original RoboCop team at the police department, a suggestion on how the directives might be cleared leads him to shock himself with electrical current, clearing all the directives (even the initial four), and then declaring war on Cain, as he immediately leads the striking officers off the picket line, to attack Cain's hideout.

The plots cross when Cain is badly injured in the battle with RoboCop. Though Angie wants to rescue Cain from the hospital, Hob considers him already dead and moves to take control of the Nuke distribution. Faxx, having decided on Cain to be of the perfect mindset for the new cyborg, arrives at the hospital and switches off his life support, calling for an immediate brain removal and transplant. Displaying the new RoboCop to the head of OCP, Faxx demonstrates how he may be pacified through a canister of pure Nuke, which it seems, is the only way the pain of Cain's new existence can be dulled.

Meanwhile, Hob is the new leader of the drug cartel in Old Detroit. Arranging a meeting with Mayor of Detroit, he offers the desperate mayor (Willard E. Pugh) the money he needs to bail out the city from its debt to OCP but only if the mayor agrees to a hands-off policy to the distribution of Nuke. Since this would hinder OCP's attempts to take over the city, the corporation sends RoboCop 2 in for the ostensible purpose of breaking up the drug operation, while actually ordering the cyborg to kill all parties involved. Except for the mayor himself, who escapes through a sewer drain, both the mayor's and Hob's bodyguards are killed, as well as Angie and Hob themselves. RoboCop arrives late on the scene in time to comfort a dying Hob, and be told of RoboCop 2's actions.

The movie ends with a climactic battle between RoboCop and RoboCop 2 during the unveiling of Delta City at a press conference, also promoting the new cyborg. The OCP President unwittingly presents a canister filled with Nuke; Cain escapes control and begins to run amok, destroying the control device keeping his weapons from firing and opening fire on the crowd in desperation for the canister of Nuke. RoboCop arrives just beforehand, armed with a Cobra Assault cannon and watching carefully to see if Hob was right about RoboCop 2. As soon as RoboCop 2 tries to open up on the civilians in the crowd, RoboCop fires, knocking RoboCop 2 back with the explosive blast. RoboCop 2 acquires the new attacker and fires, sending a volley of armor piercing bullets that strike Robocop and cause minor damage. RoboCop 2 switches to its own explosive-shell cannons and fires, destroying RoboCop's rifle and causing a fair amount of damage before RoboCop opens fire with his pistol on RoboCop 2's cannon, destroying it. RoboCop 2 then charges at RoboCop, engaging him in melee combat and, being far stronger, manages to disorientate and knock Robocop about a lot, not to mention punch him through a wall. They battle on a stairwell and, eventually, are sent flying onto the roof the building via Robocop 2 charging Robocop in an elevator shaft. Robocop eventually pulls Robocop 2 off the roof and they fall into an underground facility where Robocop 2 attempts to use a welder to attack RoboCop. Robocop then directs the welder towards a gas pipe which then penetrates causing a large explosion.

RoboCop pulls himself into the street via the hole in the pavement the explosion blew and heads into the building where Delta City was being revealed, his intent unknown. RoboCop 2 then rises through the hole much like RoboCop did just a few seconds previous. A firefight ensues and yet more officers are killed until Lewis gets into an armored military vehicle and rams RoboCop 2 into a wall. The officers think RoboCop 2 is destroyed, but he is largely unharmed and raises the vehicle off himself. RoboCop 2 is slightly damaged, however, and seems to be a bit ineffectual in targeting the police, and so only a few officers are killed in the succeeding firefight. RoboCop chooses this moment to reappear with the canister of Nuke that the president of OCP revealed. Lewis asks him what he plans to do, and RoboCop replies: "Let's give him what he wants."

Lewis shows the canister of Nuke and RoboCop 2 immediately ceases firing on the police, the police do likewise. Lewis cautiously approaches with the canister and flips it to RoboCop 2 before running back to the safety of the police perimeter. Meanwhile, RoboCop has taken an advantageous position on a building behind RoboCop 2. RoboCop 2 immediately takes the Nuke, flexing in joy as its psychological problems are washed away and its existence made easier to bear. RoboCop chooses this moment to launch himself onto the back of RoboCop 2. RoboCop 2 tries to throw RoboCop off, without any success even after slamming him into several objects. RoboCop punches an access cover until he penetrates into the cavity where Cain's brain is being stored. He then rips the brain free and smashes it on the pavement. RoboCop 2 is no more.

In a brief consultation, the Chairman of OCP, along with executive Johnson and lawyer Holzgang, discuss OCP liability for the massacre and decide it would be best to scapegoat Faxx, claiming she acted without company support in designing RoboCop 2. Holzgang is confident he can find evidence against Faxx "whether it exists or not."

In the final scene of the film, officer Lewis laments how OCP executives will escape unscathed in terms of legal repercussions. RoboCop, using a socket wrench on his head, replies: "Patience, Lewis. We're only human."