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Year: 1987

Alex Murphy is brutally gunned down by drug-dealing thugs and left for dead, but he survives and is retooled into a cyborg to fight crime. But RoboCop soon begins to uncover the truth about himself and who he really is.

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Making of
Creating ED-209

Death of Murphy
The Melting man
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Making of: RoboCop 1
It was an explosive combination of comicbook action and edgy satire. RoboCop re-invented the scifi genre with its bold mixture of action, emotion and humor.

Creating ED-209
The Enforcement Droid Series 209 is one of RoboCop's highlights, brought into being under the guiding hand of stop motion animator Phil Tippett.

Deleted Scenes
Originally RoboCop had a somewhat different ending. An additional post-script medibreak, shown at the first preview screening, continued the storyline,

Death of Murphy
It is one of the most excruciating segments in the film as the helpless Murphy is taunted and tortured before being literally blown to pieces.

The Melting man
Emil drives head on into a vat of toxic waste. Swept out the rear of the van, Emil emerges from the steaming muck with the flesh melting off his hands and face.

Cast & Crew Quotes
Comments and quotes about RoboCop1 by cast and crew. The quotes are taken from various sources such as DVD commentarys and magazines.


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