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Year: 1990

RoboCop returns to rid the lawless streets of the deadly new designer drug "Nuke." Unknown to RoboCop, OCP wants to take the city "private," and develop RoboCop 2, a newer, bigger and more powerful version to replace the original.

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The Monster: RoboCain
The Corporate Wars
Making of: RoboCop2
Failed Prototypes
Composing RoboCop2

The Fate Of Catzo
If you like good mysteries, RoboCop2 is full of them. The perhaps biggest mystery is that of the missing villain Catzo whose death is not seen on-screen.

Making of: RoboCop 2
For the second chapter in the RoboCop saga, producer Jon Davison managed to assemble almost all of his original effects team. But making the movie was not an easy task.

The Monster - Cain
The meeting at the warehouse hideout becomes a bloody massacre when RoboCain arrives and the awesome size and power of the monster is finally revealed in full.

Deleted Scenes
In an effort to make RoboCop2 into more of an action movie, a large amount of scenes was cut and removed. This making RoboCop2 nothing like it was in the script.

Failed Prototypes
Attempts by OCP to develop a new RoboCop fail. The human brains selected are unable to reconcile their former organic states with their current mechanized ones.

The Corporate Wars
The un-used script for RoboCop2 from the original writers begins with RoboCop getting blasted into metallic dust and being resurrected many years later, in a new world.

Composing RoboCop2
Rosenmans comments on composing the score for the second movie, a score aimed entirely toward the heroic, meaning loud, brassy, orchestrations.


Irvin Kershner

Peter Weller

Nancy Allen

Tom Noonan

Dan O'Herlihy

Belina Bauer