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Year: 2014

After Alex Murphy is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes their science of robotics to save his life. He returns to the streets with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

RoboCop Remake - Changes from the Original
The RoboCop remake/reboot/re-imagining mixes things up a bit and the biggest change is of course the suit. But there are many other minor changes here also, some which are so subtle one might actually wonder why they did them in the first place. Here is the things we've noticed so far.

* New black suit. But silver makes an appearance.
* There is no helmet as such to remove. The visor flips up.
* New main vehicle. Motorcycle.

* Robo's POV is new. No crosshair. Vision is red not green.
* Saved right hand in the remake.
* First RoboCop movie to have scenes outside Detroit

* Creator of RoboCop is not Bob MORTON. It is now Dr. Dennett NORTON.
* Wife Ellen is now CLARA. Son Jimmy is now DAVID.
* Anne Lewis is gone. Lewis is now a man. JACK Lewis.

* Alex Murphy is not a street cop. He is an undercover detective.
* Alex Murphy is not killed in the remake. He is critically injured.
* A car bomb instead of a gang shotgun attack.
* Murphy does not loose his memory.
* No religious/resurrection symbolism.

* No Delta City and no old man.
* No data spike and no classic three Prime Directives.
* No Robo voice. Some early trailers had it but not the final movie.


* Stores a gun in leg holster. One gun for each leg.
* Alex Murphy is still named Alex Murphy.
* ED-209 returns

* Robo movements.
* Similar RoboCop logo font
* Omnicorp is a division of the larger OCP
* The classic Robo theme is still there.


The bike
RoboCop's new means of transportation was a very important element and a big departure from the original movie. Production designer Martin Whist reveals what went into designing the new ride.

Making the Remake
On September the 24th 2012, shooting finally began on the much anticipated RoboCop remake, almost seven years after it was first announced by Sony Pictures, way back in 2005.


RoboCop 2014
The road to the remake


The Bike
RoboCop's new ride

The Auto-9
The RoboCop Gun