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Year: 2014

After Alex Murphy is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes their science of robotics to save his life. He returns to the streets with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

RoboCop 2014 – A Long Time Coming
By: Evelyn Robinson

On September the 24th, shooting finally began on the much anticipated RoboCop remake, almost seven years after it was first announced by Sony Pictures, way back in 2005.

Since then a barrage of halts, setbacks and pushbacks have kept frustrated fans in limbo, as they eagerly await a glossy 3D re-invention of the popular action franchise. Despite production finally being underway, yet another delay has hit, with RoboCop being slated for a February 2014 release – instead of the original August 2013 date. Neill Blomkamps ‘Elysium’ has now taken the August slot, and as much as film lovers and RoboCop fans have been speculating, the reasons behind MGM’s switch are best known to themselves. Directed by José Padilha, the film will star Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman as the title role, better (and more recently) known as Stephen Holder in TV show ‘The Killing’ and perhaps less well known than the hordes of A-listers (Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp) that were originally considered for the lead. The synopsis reads much the same as the original, but with a big budget of $100 million (to the comparatively modest $13 million the original cost to make) it’s sure to deviate into even more exciting action-packed territory – and if José Padilha’s ‘The Elite Squad’ is anything to go by, then the reinterpretation of RoboCop is sure to rejuvenate the franchise to the fullest, for both old fans and new.

Wheels In Slow Motion..

The redux of RoboCop has certainly been a long time in the making, and the pre-production process has been anything but smooth sailing. The first of many delays to come happened as pre-production was gearing up in 2006, just months after the films initial announcement in late 05. It was decided that it was too early to remake a film that was barely 20 years old, but that it would remain on MGM’s backburner until it had matured a little more. Its time on the backburner didn’t last long however. In June 2008, MGM displayed a poster at the Licensing International Expo, announcing an intended 2010 release of the film. A month after that, it was announced that ‘Requiem for a Dream’ director Darren Aronofsky would take the helm.

The Waiting Game…

A year later in July 2009, MGM announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the film was now being pushed back to the summer of 2010 or later with Aronofsky going onto other projects, including his (later Oscar nominated) ‘Black Swan’. MGM’s indirectness (when asked) at this stage fuelled ambiguity as to whether or not Aronofsky was still attached to the pipelined project. However, in January 2010 it was confirmed that he was still on-board to direct and that the remake was still very much planned.

More Waiting, 3D, and MGM Finances…

With the release of James Cameron’s hugely successful Avatar 3D, studio bigwigs decided that they now wanted to follow suit and have RoboCop shot in 3D too. However, MGM were not in a good place. Without an owner and the studio in dire financial trouble(that’s 4 billion dollars worth of financial trouble) things slowed to a halt once again. RoboCop wasn’t the only victim of MGM’s money woes however. Other casualties included the twenty-third James Bond movie and ‘The Hobbit’, the latter eventually being abandoned by Guillermo del Toro altogether (and subsequently picked up by Peter Jackson) after constant delays. It wasn’t long before Darren Aronofsky also jumped ship from RoboCop, amidst rumours that he disagreed with the studio in regards to shooting it in 3D. As he adamantly stated in interviews however, this wasn’t the reason. It was eventually announced in March 2011 that director José Padilha would take over the project.

The Ball Rolling

After another long year, it was eventually announced in March 2012 that actor Joel Kinnaman would be taking the role of Alex Murphy, and that the film would be given an August 9 2013 release. With pre-production back in full swing, shooting finally commenced on September the 24th in Toronto. With production well underway however, the most recent announcement by Sony Pictures and MGM that there will be a further delay to the films release will certainly frustrate fans. With Elysian taking the more prominent August slot, could this indicate a little less confidence in the newly revamped RoboCop franchise? Despite some diehard fans of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic not exactly welcoming the premature remake with open arms (and who could blame them?), other fans are embracing the idea. With the names and talent now attached, it’s unlikely the film will be a total let down, but its integrity alongside the original remains to be seen. Will it be worth the wait? It sounds like it might be. Either way, if there are any more delays, the film will inadvertently be set in the present, never mind 14 years into the future.


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