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Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:11 pm Reply with quote

Itís seemed like quite a busy year for Robo, mostly due to the unexpected but welcome news that a new movie is in active development. So itís a surprise that very little actually materialized, even though there is quite a lot in the pipelineÖ

Honorable Mention
Peter Weller at London Film and Comic Con & Tokyo Comic Con

A big one to start with, but one that you couldnít really expect to make it to unless you lived near those cities. He may not be participating in the RoboDoc, but Dr Weller has been doing the circuit talking about Robo in Tokyo, and meeting fans and posing for photos in London. Asked in Tokyo if he will appear in RoboCop Returns, Weller neither confirmed nor denied, replying, ďI cannot tell you.Ē Letís hope Weller is just teasing us to stoke the anticipation. And if not, letís hope Neill Blomkamp has got Paul Bettanyís phone numberÖ

Honorable Mention #2
No Manís Land Score

Completely personal to me, but for quarter of a century, I wanted to know where the music from the RoboCop 3 UK trailer was from and even Shazam didnít recognize it. Of course, it turns out itís from No Manís Land Ė a 1987 thriller whose score was composed by no other than Basil Poledouris! Crime solved, soundtrack CD ordered.

BOOM! Studios Citizens Arrest #5

It is strange to think that this time last year, we didnít even know a new comic series was happening. Now a year later, it has been, gone and the collected edition is due anytime soon. The press release and talent involved looked impressive, and to be fair, the larger plot was quite good. But unfortunately, the character of Robo himself was the biggest problem, with his initial appearance Ė over-talkative, wearing a large coat and living in a house Ė rubbing a lot of fans up the wrong way. Iím not opposed to different takes on the character, but the press release indicated we could expect the OG Robo in a Verhoeven-esque world and we didnít get that. The series ended early, seemingly meaning that a lot of DMZ writer Brian Woodís ideas were crammed into the final issue. Ironically, this led to the finale getting signficiantly better reviews than the previous 4 issues. A real shame as BOOM!ís previous offering Dead Or Alive was one of the best Robo comics weíd had in years. Letís hope they can reinvigorate Robo in comic form again soon.

Ready Player One easter eggs

A few days after last yearís Playback (which you can read here ), I realized Iíd forgotten to include the RoboCop easter egg from A Cure For Wellness in my countdown. I neednít have worried, as 2018 had a better cinematic treat Ė RoboCop in a Steven Spielberg movie. Ready Player One is full of visual references to other movies and pop culture icons Ė so much so that I think it holds up better on a second viewing, as if youíre as easily distracted as me, youíll find yourself watching for all the visual business rather than focussing on what is a very well constructed story and film. RoboCop wasnít even the most prominently referenced Peter Weller movie, with one character dressing in Wellerís Buckaroo Banzai costume. Also this year in theaters, Deadpool 2 contained another RoboCop reference, and former Robo Robert John Burke appeared in a central role in BlacKkKlansman. On TV in the UK, the final ever episode of the hugely popular sitcom Peter Kayís Car Share even had a brief Robo reference.

RoboCop 2 Workprint & Alpha Commando online

The RoboCop 2 Workprint appeared in 6 parts on Facebook in May. The visual quality isn't great (it is a workprint after all), but itís tremendously exciting to hear R2 with a Poledouris score. Also this year, the entire Alpha Commando series was uploaded to YouTube in a watchable quality (existing uploads were extremely blocky by modern standards). Whilst the stories are quite light especially compared to the superior original animated series, the quality of animation on this series was extremely good for its time and still holds up today. Now that physical media seems to be on the decline in favour of streaming, itís unlikely Alpha Commando will ever see a DVD release, so this might be the best chance to see the longest running Robo TV show to date.

NECA Ultimate Future RoboCop

The 3rd affordable figure from Frank Millerís classic RoboCop Versus The Terminator Dark Horse comic, following the EndoCop and Terminator Dog 2-Pack. Neat packaging in another art box depicting classic Walter Simonson panels, this figure has been a long time coming. Sadly, NECA have no immediate plans for more Robo figures, although they have said that a Cinemachines RoboCruiser is a possibility, so feel free to tweet Randy at @NECA_TOYS to express your interest on Mondays and hashtag it #MurphyMonday  Thank you for your co-operation.

Medicom MAFEX No. 067

It was difficult to decide which should take the top spot this year. Whereas this is a more high-end, slightly smaller figure, NECA deserve credit for thinking outside the box with something different. But the thing that really wins it for the MAFEX is the likeness of the interchangeable and very expressionable jaws and the screen-accuracy of the battle-damage from the ED-209 fight, as seen below. No helmetless look, likely due to likeness rights, but this is a very good figure with better articulation than even the real Robo.

Coming in 2019Ö

More Medicom MAFEX!

The line continues with Roboís RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3 looks. RoboCop 2 appearance (again with great battle-damage accuracy) is due around February/March.

Citizens Arrest trade paperback
Originally listed on sites as Volume 1, this will now collect all 5 issues. Shipping January.

RoboDoc: The Creation Of RoboCop
With an ever-expanding list of contributors and its trailer going viral in the last few months, this epic documentary has now been confirmed for release in 2019.

Chronicle Collectibles Life-Size Bust
A Work-In-Progress photo was revealed on Christmas day on their Instagram account. Expect this to go up for pre-order in the next few months, likely to ship at the end of the year. Take advantage of their payment plans to add this to your collection!

Arrow Video UK Special Edition
Known for special features-laden re-releases, Arrow Video will be releasing a new Special Edition of RoboCop on Blu-Ray towards the end of the year.

RoboCop Returns news
Hopefully, we will get further pre-production news on the new planned Robo film, helmed by District 9ís Neill Blomkamp.

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Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:38 pm Reply with quote

Great list, even if it wasn't the greatest year for Robo. Citizens Arrest wound up being a big disappointment, which is a shame because it means we probably won't be seeing any new comic adventures for a while. At this point I would love to see BOOM give up the license because they don't seem to have any success with Robo. The best thing would be if IDW got it, because they are great with licensed stuff and I have enjoyed what they did with Star Trek, Transformers, ROM, and the Maxx. Also, I must have missed that Alpha Commando is on YouTube in better quality. I watched them all on my laptop a few years ago but now I have a fancy new smart TV and just threw on episode 1. Not the best Robo but not the worst. Just like it wasn't the best year for Robo but not the worst.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:45 pm Reply with quote

RoboPimp :
At this point I would love to see BOOM give up the license because they don't seem to have any success with Robo. The best thing would be if IDW got it, because they are great with licensed stuff and I have enjoyed what they did with Star Trek, Transformers, ROM, and the Maxx.

IDW certainly seem to be killing it with their licensed titles. I kind of agree at this point that I'd like to see the license go elsewhere, although like I say BOOM did a great job with Dead Or Alive, and not forgetting the RvT Deluxe reprints. A comic tie-in with RoboCop Returns is inevitable, but I really hope BOOM don't just sit on the license until then. It probably needs a writer to guide it, and then just make the most of whatever up-and-coming art talent they've got. BOOM have even managed to make WWE comics a popular line. It would be good if someone tried to recreate the feel of the first film, but add in some world-building elements to sustain it.

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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:18 am Reply with quote

What happened to the Robo 2 workprint vids? Looks like they got taken down?

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