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RoboCop as the Colonel in KFC campaign
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Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:21 am Reply with quote

Archive :
Honestly, I half expect Blomkamp to jump ship any day now and work with Cameron instead on an Alien movie.
Hopefully that does not happen.

I have the same feeling. The whole situation harkens back to the Aronofsky situation in many ways, where a high profile director comes onto the project enthusiastically and then backs away when they see what they are getting themselves into with the studio's expectations and all that. It would be a shame to lose him as it seems his vision of Robocop is very much in line with what we want. I hope he gets the chance to see that vision through.

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:32 am Reply with quote

Archive :
RoboPimp :
Did he ever elaborate on this more?

Honestly, I half expect Blomkamp to jump ship any day now and work with Cameron instead on an Alien movie.
Hopefully that does not happen.

I'm feeling the same, Weller participating in the kfc ads must have feel like a subtle "f*ck you!", it must have been really disappointing. I just hope he stays on board, I think he has the potential to make a great Robocop movie (If he is given total creative freedom that is)

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:03 am Reply with quote

WeKilledYou :
First off, It was cool hearing him voice the character again. But thatís where my positivity stops. Iím not mad or offended, but this is nowhere close to what I was expecting. Heís been ďdoneĒ with Robo now for a long time, but sort of similar to Harrison Ford with Indy and Han, I was pretty sure we would see Peter revisit the character again at some point. But not like this. It wasnít even funny. Ugh..

TODD-209 :
When I saw this the other night, I thought it was so funny and cool...but then the more I thought about it, the sadder it seemed to me that RoboCop had become a parody of himself. And Peter Weller, of all people, perpetuated it!! I mean, I'm sure they threw plenty of money at him, and who could blame him, really, but...I don't know. A KFC commercial sure does seem like the last stop for pop-culture significance, and that's kinda sad...

Pretty much this. A bad joke of an advertising device to sell fried chicken of all things just isn't how Robo should be seen or thought of.. well at all really, but certainly not at a time like this when real, serious interest is being built up for him. This - and especially how piss-poor it was done all-around - doesn't help that serious interest, it undermines it. I'm glad some people had fun with it and yes I too even liked it in a way but this 'all in good fun' exposure won't mean shit if it alienates those that want to do real service to the character with legit Robo projects in the future - especially to the point of deciding not to do them.

Bah.. I too am hoping this is just 'doom and gloom' talk though and Blomkamp does carry on - I concur with many he can and hopefully will make great things happen for Robo.
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Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 5:15 pm Reply with quote

Another ad, this time UK insurance

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