Short interview with David Sobolov, voice of ROBOCOP, on the Emmy-Nominated - very LAST 'toon ever produced by MGM Animation.


The series begins when Dr. Cornelius Neumeier, creator of Robocop, is asked to bring his cyborg hero out of storage to serve on an elite team of clandestine federal agents, Alpha Division. This elite group will scout the globe fighting crime and combating the world's most sophisticated villains. Using state-of-the-art animation, the series is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, flamboyant villains, and fast-paced action.

Robocop is a true international hero back on a global mission to fight injustice. Once a mortal, at times Robocop experiences inner conflict and nostalgic longing for his human past, and is evermore dedicated to protecting the race of which he can never be a part. His struggle to hold on to his humanity is the emotional core of the series. You'll love Robocop because he is a regular guy often misunderstood by those around him who continues to do the right thing. Armed with an incredible arsenal of built in gadgetry, Robocop will surpass and amaze young audiences with a high tech future world limited by only the imagination. Plus, he's just a really cool guy wielding some pretty great toys...

The Erg emerged when DARC robot engineers created high-voltage electrical cables designed to conduct superhuman intelligence. They wound the cables up tightly and created a deadly robot that looks almost human. The Erg is capable of zapping his enemies with a massive jolt of electricity. He and RoboCop face off in the hostile North African desert. Even if RoboCop is victorious and manages to get the Erg to "unwind," watch out! Those cables are still intelligent and dangerous. They just may reassemble someday--a lot closer to home!

NAME: DR. CORNELIUS NEUMEIER UNIT: DIVISION ALPHA You'd never know it from the sloppy state of his secret lab in a rundown neighborhood of New Detroit, but Cornelius Neumeier is the brilliant scientist and inventor who created RoboCop. And he did it when he was barely out of high school! Now Neumeier works hard to keep the world's greatest crime-fighter in top working condition. And unless he's being distracted by one of his favorite TV shows, he does a terrific job. He's also constantly upgrading RoboCop with new gadgets that give him an edge over criminals wherever they may be: undersea, the desert, the frozen Arctic, even outer space! Spending so much time with top Alpha agents like RoboCop and Miner, Neumeier regularly finds himself in very dangerous situations. Yet time after time, this easily-scared, quirky intellectual discovers reserves of courage he never knew he had!

Mysterious, merciless, brutal Mr. Brink is the Supreme Commander of DARC, the Directorate for Anarchy, Revenge, and Chaos--and the arch enemy of Division Alpha. Motivated mainly by greed, DARC manufactures crises all over the world in order to reap profits from the havoc they've created. But as for Brink himself, little is known about his origins. One thing is certain: he's obsessed with RoboCop and will stop at nothing to insure his destruction!

Scrawny Herman Wonk always wanted to be a cop, but he failed the New Detroit Police Department's entrance exam and had to settle for a job putting tickets on cars whose parking meters had expired. Obsessed by his desire to show-up the police department that snubbed him, Herman makes use of his late father's internationally-banned experiments with Nano-technology. Nano-technology is a dangerous, unstable process that actually allows tiny microscopic robots to enter and commandeer living cells in plants, animals and humans--and Herman is using it to turn himself into a super-powerful, morphing crime-fighter called The Hermanator. He claims that even RoboCop is no match for his crime-stopping prowess. The problem is, he may be creating crimes just so he can stop them!

NAME : MURPHY [AKA-RoboCop] UNIT: DIVISION ALPHA RoboCop is a good cop - a true international hero with a global mission to fight injustice. But most important, he's the coolest guy in the room. He has recently been reactivated by Division Alpha to fulfill his crime fighting duties. Created by Dr. Neumeier, RoboCop is a walking Swiss army knife with unlimited resources designed to combat the world's most sophisticated villains. RESOURCES : blaster ; drills; saws; blinding light bursts; freezing chemicals; underwater propulsion; suction cups; mini wheels; retractable shields; mini missles

NAME : NANCY MINER UNIT: DIVISION ALPHA Division Alpha Agent Nancy Miner, RoboCop's trusted partner and friend, was initially very reluctant to work with him because her first partner was killed by a robot. Miner soon learns that RoboCop is far more than just a robot--he's human, too. Together, she and RoboCop team up to stop some of the world's toughest, smartest, most ruthless criminals. Though Miner does not have RoboCop's array of built-in weapons and tools, her quick intelligence and reliable instincts, as well as her mastery of fighting skills from marksmanship to martial arts, make her an incredible asset to Division Alpha and the New Detroit Police Department. To her young son Matt, Miner is just an incredible mom.

Maribeau Mulch

Half-plant, half-man, Maribeau Mulch was once a brilliant botanist and creator of several genetically-engineered plant species. His fast-track career came to a screeching halt when he tripped and plunged into a vat of his own super-growth plant serum. Soon, Mulch was budding, and even flowering, as his genetic code reprogrammed itself into a hardy plant species. He soon found he could even communicate with other plants and make them obey his commands! Now he hides out in a lonely Louisiana bayou, perfecting his latest experiment: turning humans into his plant-creature slaves, so he can rule the world. What's worse, he wants to make a certain Alpha agent his queen!

Dr. Volt was once a respected university professor who found a way to use electricity to increase his brain capacity. But now he's addicted to the very thing that made him smarter--and with the help of his energy suit, he's draining New Detroit's power supply dry to support his habit! When RoboCop attempts to put an end to this menace, something incredible happens. For the first time ever, he freezes and can't make the arrest! Why? The answer may lie far in the past, when RoboCop was just a young boy.