Alpha Commando Episode listing.

1. Justice Reborn: Part 1 (pilot episode)
The ''Celebrate Humanity'' Expo is coming to New Detroit, and with that, Special Agent Nancy Miner is more than ASSURED enough action to keep her busy as she is called-in to protect the Premiere of Naugmenastan. She is a part of a federal agency, Division Alpha, and being from out of town, in Washington D.C., she assigned a local partner, one ''Out of the reach of ... corruption,'' says the mysterious head of Division Alpha, Alpha Prime himself. Agent Miner is informed of various officials corrupted by an agency called DARC in New Detroit before being shipped-off to meet her new partner. Between that, wondering why her ''partner'' is being awakened from a cryogenic sleep, and the many tasks in front of them, no thanks to DARC, this is turning out to be one VERY action-filled day...

2. Justice Reborn: Part 2
After tackling a bomb, and taking the blunt of the ensuing explosion, RoboCop returns to his old Precinct, and is met by the fanfare of former-colleges. But DARC operative Mayor Goodrich wants him out of the picture, and has RoboCop taken-away, and accordingly hijacked. RoboCop ends-up in the laboratory of cyborgress Marta Kludge, who is insistent on controlling RoboCop and planting a secret DARC directive into his program. The only problem, is that Miner and Neumeier will stop at no lengths to get THEIR comrade-back. In time, they do just that and create their own two-person rescue-party for RoboCop. Once there, they crush Kludge's plans, yet she escapes to destroy another day. But it seems as though the secret directive, in RoboCop, WAS successfully implanted...

3. Justice Reborn: Part 3

4. Doppelganger

5. Town of Tomorrow

6. Cyber-Fagin
7. Plague on Ice
8. Robo Racer
9. Hermanator
10. RoboPop

11. The Weakest Link
12. Really, Really Big Shoo
13. A Pretty Girl is Like a Malady
14. Francesca's Quest
15. Power Play

16. Deep Trouble
17. Maxsop 4
18. Oh Tannenbaum, Whoa Tannenbaum!
19. We'll Always Have Paris
20. Best Friends

21. Garden of Evil
22. RoboDog
23. Brawl in the Family
24. Cop Games
25. H-2-Uh-Oh

26. Inside Out
27. The Erg and I
28. Survival of the Fittest
29. While You Were Sleeping
30. Return of the Hermanator

31. Family Reunion: Part 1
32. Family Reunion: Part 2
33. Small Packages
34. Head Games
35. DARC Secrets

36. Thank You Very Mulch
37. Father's Day
38. Out of the Dark
39. Das Re-Boot
40. Talk About the Weather