Short interview with David Sobolov, voice of ROBOCOP, on the Emmy-Nominated - very LAST 'toon ever produced by MGM Animation.

Were you a fan of, well, the Robocop Legacy before you came into the role?
I've always liked the first Robocop movie. I checked out the tv show and the other movies to prepare for my audition, but I hadn't seen them before that.

What kind of research did you have to do for the role?
Other than making sure I understood some of the character's history, I just jumped in and took it one show (or situation) at a time, just like Robocop might have done in real life, if he'd been a real person. As he met new people or found himself in new situations we discovered how he'd react and tried to stay with those choices as the series progressed.

Tell us a little about the Voice recording.
This show was what we call "pre-lay" animation... For the most part, the voices were recorded first, then our voice tracks were sent to be animated. We were still recording a few pick-ups (line changes, new scenes, fixing little moments that need adjusting), but for the most part, the voice work was completed very early.

In your opinion, do you find the show to carry-on the human aspect that was stressed in the films, etc?
I didn't find there was too much emphasis on the shoot-em-up thing at all... There's lots of action, but also lots of dry humor and great interaction between the characters. I was REALLY impressed with the quality of the writing.