"I didnít know that there were a animated series until my maid told me: "Oh, my kids watch RoboCop," and I asked: Really? Where? and she turned on the TV.
The series are great i think, just to see Lewis running from one side to another, was awesome."

Nancy Allen


Episode guide for the RoboCop Cartoons.

Episode Guide by: Jyrki Piirainen

GOOD NEWS IS NO NEWS: Dr. McNamara sabotages OCPís great new tank AV7. AV7 thinks all things in Old Detroit are enemies and at the same time a bad reporter attempts to "defame" RoboCop, but he donít know how hard it can be.

NIGHT OF THE ARCHER: A man named Archer steal rich peoples money and give them to poor people. But what is this robberys REAL meaning and motive? Will RoboCop stop this villain?

RUMBLE IN OLD DETROIT: Frightening gang war treatens when a very big cargo of illegal guns is stolen from Metro West Police Station. Gangs attack gangs and the only one that can stop it is...RoboCop.

PROJECT DEATHSPORE: OCP's experiment Project Deathspore goes terribly wrong and it escapes into the sewers and streets of Old Detroit and feeds on the energy of the city, and the energy of RoboCop as well.

MAN IN THE IRON SUIT: Dr Machnamera creates an iron suit that is designed to be far superior to RoboCop and gets Lieutenant Hedgecock -- who despises RoboCop -- into the suit to challenege RoboCop and prove to the Old Man that his product is far superior. The Old Man is only concerned about which product would profit the most so he has Hedgecock and RoboCop challenge one another in a competition to determine which product is superior and more profitable.

A ROBOTS REVENGE RoboCop & Lewis are assigned as Prince Saurusís & Ilmars bodyguards. They are tow mid-east leaders that will sign a peace treaty. But two terrorist send a ED-260 to assassinate the two leaders, just before they write the peace treaty.

INTO THE WILDERNESS: RoboCop tries to stop a OCP factory that pollut the water and enviroment.

MENACE IN THE MINDd: Dangerous amulet with micro-circuit named Zip-Chip is for sale on the black market. RoboCop tries to stop the gang when he discovers that the gang leader is Clarence Boddiker!

BROTHERHOOD: Robo meets a High Tech criminal gang, who calls themselves The Brotherhood. Their goal is to destroys all Robots & cyborgs in Old Detroit with high tech ball. Which causes errors on robots & cyborgs and they become mad & destroys all things it sees, Or causes power failure.

CRIME WAVE: Dr. McNamara hires a very dangerous gang: The Vandals in Old Detroit to cause mass crime waves. Because if RoboCop cannot stop this treat, Dr. McNamara gets his ED-260 on the Streets of Old Detroit.

SCRAMBLER: Former OCP member, now criminal, hacks into RoboCop controls system. After that he escapes prison with the help from a brainwashed RoboCop. Criminals now controls RoboCop. and give him the mission to assassinate OCPís leader The Old Man.

THE HOT SEAT: Dr. McNamara frees The Vandals from prison and hire them to steal RoboCopís charging chair, without it, RoboCop is a piece of junk. The Vandals gets RoboCopís chair. And tries to sell it to Dr. McNamara. Will RoboCop & Lewis get RoboCopís charging chair back, before RoboCop runs outta power?