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The key flaw in the usual licensed game is that you can insert any generic character into the lead role and have the same game. It happens to be RoboCop simply because RoboCop was a great flick that hauled in a lot of cash. This time however the addition of the popular movie icon does add to the enjoyment level.

Game by: Data East. Emulated with: MAME

[Review by: Matt Paprocki ]
[Level Text by: Adam Kuhns ]

Though things start off with Robo simply punching, it doesn't take long into the first stage for his leg compartment to open up to pull out the trusty handgun. That's how the rest of the game will be spent, using punches only when up close. Aside from pulling the trigger, the only other move available is a jump. It's quit limited to say the least.

Power-ups are spread liberally across the city, just not the one players happen to need most often. Stuck eating baby food has to be awful, but even here, at least it's something to give the players life back. It starts off easy enough and then things quickly pick up.

There are countless times when the game simply throws an unavoidable amount of firepower at you, leaving poor RoboCop no choice but to let all those shells pierce his exoskeleton. By the time you reach the final stage, it's just about time to accept the fact that death is near. Worse, depending on how the dip switches are set on the machine, players could be sent back to the very beginning of the stage when they die, or even crazier, to the very start of the game.

RoboCop himself is animated nicely and well detailed. You have to love seeing the leg open to reveal the pistol. The bosses are rather mundane, featuring far too many cheap variants on ED-209. You'll see at least 5 by the end. The stages are littered with the same amount of adversaries, though lots of new ones are introduced in the final two stages. A few moments exist where the hardware is taxed and slowdown becomes an issue. At least that gives the player a slight advantage.

The soundtrack features countless remixes of the movies memorable theme song. If it's not a variant on that theme, then the track is likely dull and lifeless. Digitized voice clips are included all over the place, giving some life to that little sprite on the screen. ED-209 gets in a few words as well. It's a solid effort, just not spectacular.

When things are moving along smoothly, "RoboCop" is an enjoyable game in the same vein of the other numerous platform shooters. The basic mechanics are solid enough to carry the title. Just don't expect this to be the be-all-end-all arcade action game.


Level 1:Riot on the Downtown Main Street
The first level is relatively short. Thugs come at you on the street from both sides and shoot at you from roofs and windows. Motorcycle thugs and grenade thugs are introduced in this level. Crouch and punch at the motorcycle thug to take him out without loosing energy. Once RoboCop takes his gun out, it's all downhill from there. Pick up the three-way shot and use it against the thugs but get rid of it when you get to the boss as it doesn't work very well against him. The boss of this level is a normal ED-209.Keep jumping and shooting at his arm cannon to destroy him. ED's shots are hard to avoid, but you'll probably only get hit once per pass if you stay in the left corner and jump as he shoots when close.

Level 2: Disturbance in old town
Level two is similar to level one in the way that there are no real hazards. More thugs try (somewhat hopelessly) to destroy you. Be careful of the thugs in blue. They crouch down and shoot at you. Chain saw thugs are introduced in this level. They cause heavy damage and take numerous hits to kill. The best way to deal with them is to shoot them as much as you can and keep moving so they can't stop and swipe at you. Thugs with hostages are also introduced. Crouch shoot at them when they move the hostage aside to shoot. DO NOT kill the hostage or you will loose energy. Remember the directive "serve the public trust." Free the hostage and receive energy. Get the laser cannon. It is a powerful and useful weapon, it can go through walls and works well on bosses and thugs. The boss of the level is a van full of thugs. Shoot at the driver from afar until the van catches on fire and stops. Move to the rear of the van, crouch, and keep shooting until all the thugs that come out are gone.

Level 3: Shooting Practice
The shooting practice difficulty depends upon the player. Some find it easy while others find it hard. Hit 51 Targets for a 100% target hit bonus of 20,000 points. If 100% are hit, you also get more energy added.

Level 4: Gangsters in Junkyard
There are many obstacles in this level to overcome. There are falling girders, super conducting magnets, and hydraulic presses. There's the normal assortment of thugs plus the new jet pack thugs, airborne machine gunbearing creeps. Watch the skies for them. Clarence Boddicker appears here with the Cobra assault cannon. Duck to avoid his shots while wasting him. Beat him and you get to keep the cannon. It is the most powerful weapon in the game. The bosses of this level are two fork lifts with grenade thugs on them. Take out one quickly and concentrate on the other.

Level 5: Narcotics Factory is Discovered
This level takes after the sequence in the movie- lots of thugs are shooting at RoboCop and he kills all of them. Every thug except for motorcycle and jet pack thugs is here. Boddicker reappears to try to destroy you again. Moving walls pop up at points in this level on both sides to trap you. Walkup and keep punching one to stop them. Rapidly tap the fire button if caught. Try to conserve at least six shots of the Cobra cannon that you get so it can be used on the boss. To conserve, punch the thugs you encounter to pick them off by crouching close to them and pressing the fire button. The boss of this level is a wrecking ball. It's easy to beat if you saved the Cobracannon.

Level 6: Shooting Practice
This level is the same as the previous shooting practice, except that the targets move a little faster and 41 targets need to be hit for a100%. More energy is added than before if a perfect score is achieved.

Level 7: OMNI Headquarters Has Been Taken
Note: for some reason or another, the creators of the game call "OCP" OMNI. Prepare for a war from now on. An endless amount of thugs of all kinds are sent against you. They do not let up for a single second. Flame thrower thugs are introduced in this level. Their flame throwers have a long range and are very damaging if you are hit at point blank range. Security lasers and security droids also first appear in this level. At the very beginning Boddicker returns, but it is from behind this time so be careful. Mechanical spikes come up from the ground at certain points of the level. There is three or more in a group of them and one hit means death so be extra careful and extra aware. The boss of this level is a green ED-209 that has been refitted with a heavy assault cannon and mortar bombs. He is quicker and smarter this time. Duck to avoid the cannon fire and jump to avoid the mortal fire. He fires three times and backs away and fires two mortar bombs as he does so each time.

Level 8:OMNI Security in Danger
Even more thugs than before are waiting for you. You will also face more security lasers, security droids, and mechanical spikes. There's also the all new laser barricades. The barricades are in groups of three and ignite in random order so don't lower your attention. You can stand in between them while waiting for one to go out. The bosses of this level are two ED-209's. One is identical to the one you fought in the streets and the other is like the green one you fought downstairs, only this one fires the cannon twice and one mortar bomb covers it's receding stride. Take out the normal ED-209 then focus on the refitted one.

Level 9:OMNI President has been Kidnapped
The final level. The same as the previous level, only more of what was init. Total warfare. Luckily, there's plenty of laser cannons near the end to finish off whatever's left of the thugs and security devices, if you make itthat far that is. The boss of the level is another ED-209 that is back tothe normal arm cannon, but still has mortar bombs and an added homingmissile launcher. The leftover ammo for the laser cannon should finish him off nicely. Now, you find Dick Jones holding "The Old Man" hostage. It's just like the thugs with the hostages, only this requires a singe shot toend it. One heck of a point bonus is awarded for beating the level.

  • Thugs are colored according to what kind of weapon they have. Learn what weapon goes with what color so you know what to expect.

  • The laser cannon can go through any obstacle, including enemies and it only takes a shot or two to take out enemies. It is best for clearing enemies in other rooms or multiple enemies in a row.

  • The Cobra assault cannon can take out anything, including crates, barrels, mechanical spikes, etc. in one shot and bosses in two to five. The disadvantage to it is the small amount of ammo that is in each cannon and it's scarcity.

  • The Auto 9 is RoboCop's standard sidearm. It is overall the most balanced weapon in the game. Short reload time is combined with a steady fire rate.