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[ Game by: Data East 1991. Emulated with: MAME ]

The game allowes for up to two players at once, one controlling the gray suit Robocop the other controlling the blue suit version. It is mostly a side-scrolling shoot-em-up but with some levels viewed from behind Robocop and two bonus levels driving a motorcycle and a police car.

The arcade game based on the second movie differs greatly from the first classic game. Although retaining the shoot em up style the game now allows players to move up and down the scenery much like fighting games such as Final Fight. The game play becomes notably more chaotic this way, in both a good and bad way. The precise game play from the first arcade game is gone. Whereas there you could, if you where skilled and memorized the bad guys and hazards, virtually complete the first few levels undamaged. In RoboCop2 the more random movements and appearances of the enemies makes it more into a street brawl where damage is something that's hard to avoid. However, this more chaotic gameplay does make it more interesting and gives it a certain nerve.

Controls are a bit different than you would imagine in a regular shoot em up. Instead of a single fire button you have one for left fire and one for right. In the beginning you'll find yourself shooting in the wrong direction quite often, but after a while it does open up to a easier gun control. This fire direction thing can be found in a variety of games such as "Double Dragon 2" where the reaction from players where mixed. It does take some getting used to but ultimately works pretty good. The third button makes Robo jump and is as always pretty bizarre to watch. The jumping is required to beat certain boss characters such as ED-209 and RoboCain. It also used extensively in the mid-level challenges where it turns into a 3D kind of scenery with Robo viewed from the back. In these areas it's nessecary to constantly move and jump to keep from getting hit.

The Japanese version differs from the World & U.S. versions in that it has an additional preliminary intro level that takes place where the first Robocop movie & arcade game ended. You ride the elevator up, battle a few security guards and thugs and then comes face to face with ED-209 and Dick Jones. It then proceeds into the "real" first level that starts in the streets with RoboCop next to his blown up police car, just like the movie. Generally the game follows the movie pretty spot on. We have the gun shop, the arcade hall and the hidden nuke labs. And the game ends as it should in the OCP auditorium where the RoboCain presentation takes place.

The game has 2 chase view shooting levels that works much like the target practice bonus levels. These takes place on the road where robo either rides a motorcycle or a police car with the computer controlling the vehicle and the player doing the targeting. The goal of these levels is to shoot as many trucks and helicopters as possible and is pretty tricky, especially on the second bonus level. They fit into the story pretty goof and for example ties into the in between level cutscenes of Robo chasing Cains van.

The bosses range from humans to robots with the odd mutant freak thrown in for good measure. First level boss is a chainsaw wielding armor suited thug that will cut Robo up good if your not quick enough. Level 2 puts you in a battle with a mechsuited enemy that fires bombs and mines. Once defeated the guy in the suit escapes as the suit explodes, only to return a second time later in the game. In a nuke factory Robo blasts the Elvis guy from the movie into a nuke bath turning him into a deformed mutant freak and as Robo gets closer to the OCP auditorium you'll face off with various Robo prototypes and ED-209 before finally meeting RoboCain. The last fight might actually be one of the most button mashing frenzy fights you'll ever get to play. The battle is divided into 4 parts where RoboCain constantly retreats once defeated. The fights move from the main hall to the elevator, up on the roof and down on the streets for the last beating. The jump and shoot nature of the fight means you have to constantly press jump and fire like crazy to do any damage and by the end of the fight you are truly exhausted.