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[ Game by: DataEast 1987]

I can only express big disappointment at this half-hearted Nintendo game. Not only are the graphics very flickery and dull, but Robo's animation is truly awful and the backgrounds are very drab.

Robocop is supposedly able to fire in several directions, but the angles are off. For example, shooting in front and above his head, he releases at a 45 degree angle, but when shooting down and in front, he almost shoots his own foot. Additionally, you may find yourself shooting downward when you attempt to duck and then fire. Also Robo seems to draw and holster the gun for no appart reason other than for pure game dynamics. You will find Robo holster his weapon in the middle of a level although he must fight the same enemies that he previously gunned down happily. It must also be said that the over use of dogs that you must gun down feels somewhat disturbing. Another obvious problem is the lack of a jump button, and staircases are EXTREMELY hard to go up and down. A few control problems can be ignored if the game is fun. However, Robocop is not. Frustratingly difficult fighting scenes are followed up by difficult boss/hostage scenes. The poor control sure won't make this game seem any less tedious than it is, either.

Every so often, you need to get your targeting system recalibrated, so it's off to the firing range to test your skills on some poor, defenceless cardboard cutouts. The shooting action is displayed in a 3D type of screen and the player controls the crosshair with a time limit ticking away and a set amout of targets you can hit. Although it does give the game some much needed variation the target practice comes of as really plain with no special effects such as gun flames or debry from the targets. you just point the crosshair at the target, press fire, and the target is broken.

There's lots of trudging around shooting at badly drawn baddies, and very little else. Had there been more variety, Robocop might have been fun, but as it stands it quickly gets boring. The main title theme is enough to have you reaching for the volume in seconds, and the minimal pops and phuts do nothing to enhance the atmosphere any. The intermission screens are suprisingly good however and is a huge contrast to the rest of the game. But overallthough, a dull and frustrating game that does the original film no justice whatsoever.