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This game was also ported to the Gamboy system. The conversion is fairly similar to the NES version although the controls are actually slightly better. The overall game also seems to be a bit easier and less frustrating to play.

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[ Game by: Ocean 1991]

Nintendo owners weren't exactly having a lot of luck with their RoboCop games. The original RoboCop was pretty sad, and the sequel wasn't a lot better either.

During each mission, Robo must arrest a certain proportion of criminals and seize a set amount of drugs before he progresses to the next level. These limits are quite tough, and often a secret room must be found in order to complete the level. For instance, in level one there is a secret underground sewerage way in which most of the Nuke containers is stored. If Robo doesn't go down here he probably won't have confiscated enough drugs to pass through to level two.

Should Robo fail to meet the quota the first time he attempts a level, he is given a second chance before being sent back to repeat it. Robo is taken to a firing range to re-calibrate his sights. A number of cutout targets appear in windows or peek out from behind obstacles, and Robo wastes as many as possible to advance to the next stage. This is all made a tad more difficult by the limited ammo supply and the ever-decreasing timer. Not to mention the "innocent" which sometimes appear and must not be shot. Still, in his favor there are the extra time and ammo icons which drift from the screen. Shoot these and Robo's chances of passing are somewhat increased.

Many levels include a secret bonus challenge, the entrance to which is hidden. At the start of each level, you'll see a screen that details your position and tells you whether there's a bonus challenge on that level. Toward the end of level 1, for example, you'll see a large blue pillar; right below the pillar are two "tiles" or squares which have a different pattern on them than the rest of the "tiles" or bricks in the level. Stand on one, or both of these tiles and press down on the crossbar of your controller. This will take you underground to a slippery, slimy gold-mine of Nuke containers.

Easily the most impressive part of Robo2 is his showdown with the robotic Cain. This giant beast is almost a full screen tall and armed with all manner of offensive weaponry, including spread-fire machine guns, Vulcan cannons and a giant dual missile launcher. Not only this but he regularly takes great pleasure in charging across the screen at Robo and squashing him against the wall.The final battle is divided into three separate fight sections and in each area RoboCain gains a new attack. In each battle a specific area of RoboCain is vulnerable while the other areas will deflect Robo's bullets and return, thus potentially damage RoboCop with his own bullets.

The problem with the game however lies in Robo's movements, which makes him all but controllable. You tend to find yourself sliding all over the place-often to your doom as you plummet over the edge of a platform to certain death. The other major downer of the game is the difficulty level. The quotas for completion of each level are so tight that missing just one container of Nuke stops your way to the next level, and the "second chance" firing range is nigh-on impossible to beat. This is really a shame as the graphics and sound are much improved over the first game and the game itself would be quite a laugh if it wasn't so difficult. There are plenty of neat touches to keep you interested and loads of secret screens to discover, so there are never any dull bits. Experienced gamers might actually enjoy RoboCop2, but those that lack patience or ability might well find themselfs tearing their hair out with frustration after a few sessions.

That said here are some hints and tips to stay alive and keep your sanity. Nothing in ROBOCOP 2 is random - you can learn everything. Learn where the bad guys, especially the ones you can arrest, appear, and where the Nuke and other stuff is. Everyone and everything - including ROBOCain - shoots in a set pattern. Learn those patterns so you can make your own moves accordingly. Explore - especially the unlikely spots. There are bonus screens on most levels. Sometimes you'll have a choice of two routes to take. Learn which one yields the most Nuke. A gushing fire hydrant and the slimy sewers usually make for some very slippery surfaces. Watch out, and stay out of trouble.