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[ Game by: Ocean]

Armed with a new multi-weapon arm attachment containing a large-bore cannon and a smart bomb, plus a gyropack for airborne assault capability, RoboCop must faces ED-209, tanks, heavy artillery and a new adversary, OTOMO.

This game has pretty good graphics and everything moves really smooth. Robocop is a rather large sprite, and is nicely detailed. All the enemies are done well too. You can tell by their mohawks and clothing that they're gang members and all are animated good. The backgrounds in this game are also nicely done. You can see the city in the background and in the sewers it looks disgusting.

I absolutely love the opening theme in this game. The music in this game is top notch. All the levels have different themes, which are all good. Even if you don't like the music in this game the creators were nice enough to give you an option to turn off at the start of the game. The only downfall of the music is that it still sounds like bleeps and bloops when most Nes games at that time were using better sound systems.

During the game, RoboCop will accumulate damage to various parts of his body. These have a effect on his normal functions, such as walking for the Legs, firing for the Arms, jumping for the Body, and overall operation for the Head.At the end of each level, RoboCop is given the option to enter the repair laboratory and mend certain parts of his body. The cursor initially appears on his body and can be moved to his Head, Legs or Arms. Selecting an area will add ten points to that area, which can be powered up as many times as you have tokens for.

The control in this game gets frustrating at times, mainly because some of the jumps are hard to make, but other than that the control is average. The challenge of this game is mixed. It seems hard at first, but when you start learning the guys' patterns you can figure out easy strategies to beat them. The bosses provide a high challenge, especially the level 4 robot boss. The last level is weird, though. Before the challenge rises with each new level you make it to, but when you reach the last level it's really easy. The frustration level in this game is high. Like I've already mentioned, some of the jumps require good judgment, due to Robocop's awkward jumping, and the level 4 boss is a pain in the arse. Also you don't return to full health at the beginning of each new level. Once you beat this game you won't be coming back anytime soon.