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PC CDROM (also made for XBOX and PS2)
MADE 2000-2003

Your mission is to uncover a sinister plot involving OCP, local gangsters dealing a deadly new synthetic drug and a powerfully maligned computerbrain cyborg known only as MIND. You'll have to capture, destroy or arrest hostile characters in a search for clues and evidence.


Unfortunately, as a game it fails on almost every level. For starters, the main menu needs work. You have to position your cursor, which is for Robo fans great in that it has the look of his auto-target, PRECISELY over a small square just to navigate each object. But this is only a minor irritant of many.

Graphics: CRAP. While they are clean and smooth, give me a break! Even for a 2nd gen 3DFX card this would look "eh, okay." I was also quite dissappointed with the targeting system. Small box in the middle of the screen with a standard crosshair in it. I loved the targeting system in the movies with the horizontal and vertical lines that intersect. Wish they had have put THAT into the game.

Gameplay: OK, bunch of guys are shooting you. But where are the shots coming from? Your visor picks up many objects, including a dead man's weapon. Hard to tell. What EXACTLY is your mission? You get a brief intro to it, yet in-game it's unclear. And WHY am I on this mission?!!

Misc: I believe, when Robo shoots, it sounds like they downloaded a gunshot wave file from the internet - back in '90s. It basically sounds like a generic gunshot. I don't think I ever have, or ever will hear Robo say "Oh yeah!" or "Bullseye!" after shooting a suspect like we do in the game.

Glitches easily. In the first level alone I walked into a store which was obviously not programmed for you to be able to walk around in. Hence, I was stuck in the store and couldn't walk out.

You will encounter ED-209 three times in the game, once in Mission 3 (The starting part) and twice more in Mission 8 (In the underground tunnels and in the first floor of the OCP building). You will also meet a new more powerfull versions of ED. ED-209 is reasonably difficult to deal with the first time you play (he peppers you with bullets if you are too close and fires rockets if you are too far) and fighting him in close quarters is NOT a good idea! He is easily fooled though, and somtimes gets trapped in narrow passages. Sounds like old Ed, yes. But i doubt the game team programmed it that way..... ED-209 is rendered quite well in the game, but the animation's a bit choppy -- there is NO in-between animation from walking and then coming to a standstill! You can see that when he's at rest, the locks by the sides of his legs are in place.

Lewis only appears twice in the game, (Mission 1 and 8) she will communicate with you through transmissions and ... does nothing else! All she does (and ALL the other police officers) is sit down there and let you do the job (they don't even shoot back at the enemies whlist they are being shot at!) She kinda looks like Lewis, but resembles the Marvel Cartoon Lewis better. Everybody in the game calls Robocop...... Robocop! Even Lewis doesn't address him as Murphy. You will also notice that they aren't using the Ford Police cars like in the movies (nor the intro).... really sucky looking and without the OCP logo either!

And then there's the absurdly inconsistent CG movie clips... Robocop looked like he was given a chrome finish in the warehouse clip with ED-209, Robocop looked like a mangled mess of polygons in the cathedral intro, and then there's the terrible sound FX for his Auto-9 in the ending that sounded like.... shit! Last but not least the lousy spinning gun animation at the end... compare that to the intro movie clip! One more interesting thing to note, most of the movie clips are about 10+ MB in size, with the intro measuring 11MB. All of these clips however clock about between 40 seconds and 1 minute plus, BUT the Titus and MGM (aka Stupid Lion) company movie clip was 10MB even though it clocked less than 40 seconds (34 exactly). Looks like these guys place more importance in their smelly company name than the game itself....


For those who don't know, the story behind Robocop's long road to getting released follows something like this.

Robocop went into production very early on in the PS2`s life. All seemed well and last year an Xbox version was also announced. All seemed to be going on course until Robocop missed it's original release date. A worry, but hardly an un-common thing in the gaming world. However when the game continued to slip and most notably past it's two pre christmas release dates, everyone started asking questions. It now turns out that Titus and Virgin are broke. They owe Sony so much money, that until they can pay Sony what they owe, Sony are refusing to allow Virgin to release the game. Anyone who has been awaiting Galleon, Metal Slug X and Barbarian have faced a similarly long wait as us Robocop fans. One game called Dropforce is even finished, packaged and pressed but Sony refuse Virgin to publish it until they settle up.

Some time later, Virgin, who have been struggling to release anything, have gone!!!! In their place, is Avalon. Basically, Titus has re-named Virgin Interactive (those good folks who were going to publish the console versions of Robocop) they have found a way to pay their debts and have Robocop back on a confirmed release list.




RoboCop Game manual
The whole game manual in PDF format.

NO-CD file (PC)
Play the game without using the CD.
Replace the .exe file with this file.