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robocoparchive.com > Games > SEGA RvsT

Virgin Games 1994
SEGA Genesis/Megadrive

As all Robocop fans will know, the plot of this game is based on the Dark Horse comics of the same name wherein a gang of terminators gets sent from the future to cause trouble in Old Detroit.

RoboCop vs. the Terminator is 100 percent unapologetically violent. When you blow away an enemy, he rips apart and his blood gushes like water, and running around blowing away Terminators and such is just about all you do. While this type of mayhem and carnage may not be to everyone's liking, action fans would gladly trade their entire Dirty Harry video collection for this bloody good cartridge. The action is more brutal than John Woo's wildest dreams, and the selection of killer weapons would impress even the most jaded of fascist dictators.

RoboCop is a joy to control. Unlike the RoboCop in RoboCop 3, which moves with all the grace of a bowlegged buffalo on crutches, this RoboCop is quick and smooth. He practically sprints up ladders, and he moves exactly where your thumbs command.

The characters in this game are realistically portrayed and will please fans of both film franchises. The levels are dark but not to the point where the graphics get muddy, and the backgrounds, though a little sparse at times, are fairly well drawn without being distracting. Also, the sound effects are excellent. Each of the weapons make distinctive sounds, and the windows breaking and the clanging of metal (such as when RoboCop jumps onto a ladder) sound very realistic.

RoboCop vs. The Terminator is challenging, but you'll make it through the first couple of levels without too much trouble. Tons of bullets fly your way throughout the game, but there are plenty of continues and a long health meter to keep you going. Beginners and veterans alike will appreciate the gradual skill level progression.

Occasionally, when the action is at its most intense, the ammunition and characters experience a little slowdown, but it doesn't happen that often, and when it does, it is very brief. Slowdown or not, you'll agree that this is one of the most fun action games available for the Genesis.

A unique idea that got the attention it deserved and wound up being a good arcade shooter.

You start off in the streets of old Detroit, cleaning away all the gun-toting punks who populate the streets, but by the end of the game you´re taking on the Terminators on their own territory. the post apocalypse ruins of the future.

But in between you visit the Delta City Construction yards, the Toxic farms, the OCP offices, the UN complex, the Terminator outpost and the underground bunker.There are also a couple off hidden levels to find. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Skynet CPU, therby saving mankind from the machines.

You will come up aginst heavily armed Terminators and Terminator endoskeletons, as well as horrid Terminator spiders and a variety of scary killer crafts. And if that wasn´t enought you will also meet, as end of level guardians, Robocops old "friends" ED-209 and Cain in the form of RoboCop2.

There is also a prerelease beta of this game with several fun changes. This game is also available on Super Nintendo, Gameboy and Gamegear.