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RoboCop2 early script

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Co-writer RoboCop2 and RoboCop3
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Q: How did you first get involved in screenwriting?

FM: The phone rang. It really did. I had had a Hollywood agent earlier on a nibble I got from TV-land. I'd just finished Dark Knight a few months earlier, and I was starting to take myself way too seriously. Thank goodness I never let any of the work I was doing at that time get published. Because I made the classic mistake, I believed my own press. And I wasn't having any fun. My agent called me, and [RoboCop executive producer] Jon Davison wanted to know if I was interested in writing RoboCop 2. So I saw him, and got involved in the process from start to finish.

Q: What did you think of the finished project?

FM: I thought it was kind of all over the map. It's hard for me to see, because I was on the set, but I think it kind of veered out of control. I don't know, it's hard, because when I see it, I remember what it felt like to be there on the set, with all the crew and people all around. So it's hard to watch.

Q: How close is the final film to your script?

FM: Which one? There must have been a half-dozen drafts of RoboCop 2. And there were many hands as time went by.

Q: Was there a significant difference in your level of involvement between RoboCop 2 and 3?

FM: Yeah, yeah. When I did the first one, I had aspirations of directing, and I really thought I could control the thing. In the second one, I met with the director, we got along, I threw some ideas at him, he threw some ideas back, I wrote a draft, he wrote a draft, and so on. But I realized I was a hired gun, which was a lot more fun, because I wasn't possessive. I realized at that point that what I own is my comics.