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Interview Source: StarLog Magazine DEC 1990
"Police Woman" by Kim Howard Johnson

[Typed up from magazine by: Eva Dalila]

NANCY ALLEN (RoboCop 1-3)
Born 24 June 1950, New York, USA.

"In the first movie everything turns out wrong for her, But in robo2, she has grown up, she has been about to die and that is something that changes you a lot. They don’t give us much information about Lewis’s personal life and I think that is because she barely has a life to be called Anne Lewis. When I was developing the character I used to think: What does she do when she is not working? And I don’t think she has an interesting life off duty, I imagine her in an apartment almost empty, and I don’t think she has a lot of dates, We know what we need to know, that she lives for her job, that is a great police officer that cares and respects RoboCop, She is in love with Murphy; I think she is in love with RoboCop, but it is the love of a partner. It´s almost like the love of a wife, without the sexual aspect, it’s something mental and much deeper, they have an spiritual connection _ says Allen and observes that many police partners share an intimacy that some marriages don’t have. I don’t know how things could be sexually talking, but I think that spiritually and emotionally, their relationship is open to new developments, they are so attached to each other.

Working with Director Irvin Kershner has been a very different experience than working with Paul Verhoeven in the first RoboCop. _ I hate comparisons between directors! _ Says Allen, _ I love Kersh; he has a great inspiration, he is very creative, he is a very considerate person that takes care of the details and the character.

Allen says that she heard the rumors that came up after RoboCop, the rumors that said that Lewis was becoming a female RoboCop. "That is what everybody thought, I suppose this was the first thing that made me think about making a sequel, because they used to say "well, she is going to return as a robot" I never thought that as a real possibility, because everybody expected it, if you’re going to make a sequel, you cannot stay with the predictable. I think I wouldn’t like to play a robot, I don’t know how Peter manages it, I suffer from claustrophobia!

Allen affirms to be convinced that the first RoboCop was going to be a success, but she didn’t imagine that the success was going to be so huge. _When I am playing a role in a film I like to predict if it is going to be good or bad, and when I saw RoboCop for the first time I thought: “It is going to be a Hit, the audience is going to love it, because everything works so well. If I have to tell the truth I never thought to make a sequel, when people used to talk about it I thought that was ridiculous. The first time that I seriously thought about it was when Jon Davidson (the producer) called. “You know it, right? RoboCop2?” then I thought: “oh, that’s interesting”

During the years between one movie and another, lots of stuff related to RoboCop were manufactured, toys, comics and animated series. _ The other day someone showed me a Lewis doll, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but I had the impression that it resembled me _ she laughs_ she even had small earrings, like Lewis… it would have been disappointing for me if they hadn’t made her!"