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WCW Wrestling. Let's set the stage: It's 1990, and Sting is in the World Title hunt chasing Ric Flair. Sting does a run-in during a Flair cage match, and as he is climbing the cage, his knee goes out. He has to undergo reconstructive surgery, so he is out of the hunt for a while. Still, WCW wanted him visible on their PPV's, so they decided to pair him up with one of the film heroes of the day, Robocop.

WCW heavily promoted his upcoming PPV appearance. He was going to make Flair and the Four Horsemen pay, and pay dearly!

So he came to Capital Combat as Sting's bodyguard. And a good thing, since the evil Horsemen threw Sting into a "steel" cage!

Robocop slowly lumbered his way down to ringside...

...and using his superhuman strength, began to bend the "steel" bars holding Sting captive!

He then removed the door completely from the hinges, to the surprise and delight of all.

The Horsemen ran off like a bunch of scaredy cats (well, actually they just kinda walked away, looking bored with the whole thing).

Sting and Robocop shared a tender moment...

...and then they went to the back.

And that was it. Nothing else. Robocop wasn't seen again on WCW television, and eventually Sting made a complete recovery and beat Flair for the WCW belt.