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Misc fun facts from the RoboCop world. You will find additional trivia for specific movies and Tv shows in their separate section. Pretty neat.

Page Fletcher was the star in "The Hitchhiker" series. Jill Hennessy(Dr Marie Lazarus) guest-starred twice on "The Hitchhiker" and Paul Verhoeven directed an episode. Andrea Roth(Diane/Neuro Brain) has also been on "The Hitchhiker".

TOTAL RECALL, another Verhoeven movie, has quite many things in common with the movie RoboCop. Ronny Cox played Dick Jones in RoboCop and is basically the same character in Total Recall. Michael Ironside plays a Clarence Boddiker-like villain. Actually Michael Ironside was originally cast to play Boddiker in RoboCop. But "creative differences" made so Ironside was replaced by the more-than-suitable Kurtwood Smith. Rob Bottin does the fx makeup just as he does in RoboCop. The atmosphere and style in Total Recall is also very RoboCop´ ish. See it if you havn´t.

An actor in RoboCop2 and RoboCop3 plays two different parts. The Little League Coach in RoboCop2 that gets shot in the head is the same actor who plays the resistance guy who confronts the Samari Robot in RoboCop3. His name is David Dwyer and he has had bit parts in a ton of movies, he is credited in RoboCop2 but not in RoboCop3.

In all RoboCop movies Moni Yakim, mime artist and choreographer, was consulted to help Peter Weller and Robert Burke get the Robo-movements down. Peter Weller trained with the mime for four month before the first movie to get the moves right.

RoboCop was filmed mostly in Dallas, because director Verhoeven felt it had the "most futuristic skyscrapers in the world". For similar reasons, RoboCop2 was filmed mostly in Houston. Here "we were able to take advantage of the ideal combination of heavy industry and a futuristic skyline" said producer Jon Davison. Finally, RoboCop 3, wich required the setting of a city with a more historical look and feel to it, was shot mostly in Atlanta. Unlike the futuristic-looking cities used in the first two movies, "Atlanta still has its old city left" said RoboCop3 producer Patrick Crowley.

In RoboCop the police precinct was Metro West. In RoboCop2, Metro North and in RoboCop3 it was Metro South.

Peter Weller was born 24 June 1947, Wisconsin, USA
Nancy Allen was born 24 June 1950, New York, USA

Murphys full name is Alex James Murphy.


RoboCop once appeared in a WCW wrestle show. It was a small cameo where robo gets to "save" one of the wrestlers who was put in a cage by some other bad-guy wrestlers. It all came out very strange and surreal.

RoboCop appeared as a toy in the "Indian in the Cupboard" movie. He came alive for just 10 seconds saying "halt" shooting bad guys in the Cupboard. Other toys in the scene was Darth Vader and a dinosaur.

Ed-209,appeared in "Fox" TV series FAMILY GUY as the new school hall monitor robot.

Episode #312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery. The kids are talking about how cool their costumes are going to be for Halloween. Later on in the episode, the boys are decked out in their costumes, and Kenny shows up walking in as ED-209!

In the episode of the Simpsons "Last tapdance in springfields" RoboCop appeared as a robot who orginizes desks for police officers. He is called "the cyboroginizer".

RoboCop has appeared several times in episodes of Beavis and Butthead. They are watching tv and they see RoboCop doing violent stuff and they usually try to mimic what robo did on tv.