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Paper thin doors??
After RoboCop shoots up Mcdaggets door in the hotell, Robo breaks a part of the door with his gun. Obviously very thin door!

Robocop can´t fly!!
After RoboCop straps on his jet pack, he soars toward the little girl and female scientist and proceeds to fly well beyond the building prior to the explosion. During the brief scene in which we observe RoboCop launch forward, you can clearly see string on his jet pack that is there to keep RoboCop and the jet pack suspended.

Pimps car hood
The hood of the pimp's car, which RoboCop previously commandeered, is obliterated by the military tyrant. In the sequential far-off scene, though, the hood is not obliterated. Then, it is back to being obliterated in the next sequential scene.

Samurais 1
Near the conclusion of the film the two samurai androids that circle around RoboCop are conspicuously in different positions each time they have wide and zoomed-in shots of the scene.

Samurais 2
One of the two samurai androids is reprogrammed by the little girl and consequently glances up at his robotic replica on the little girl's computer's monitor. However, the samurai android is again glancing up in a sequential close-up scene.

Lousy shoot!
Pretty obvious this one if you´ve know Robo. How can he MISS shooting Mcdagget in the car chase? RoboCop NEVER miss. He has a tracking system.

RoboCop takes a diet!
In RoboCop 2, Murphy electricutes himself which makes him crash to the ground. It takes between 7 or 10 police officers to carry him a short distance, from the dialogue it is inferred that they are struggling to carry him. In RoboCop 3, three rebels carry Murphy at a speedy space from the sewer to the underground base. They do not appear to be struggling.

RoboCop gets slow!
In 1 and 2 Murphy moves at a quick pace at some points in the film, even human like quickness. In 3 he is now SLOW against Otomo, Murphy can move faster than that!!!!

Is that your SHOES??
When Lewis and Robo are at the church. when Mcdagget fires the grenade into robocop's chest and knocks him down on his back if you look closely enough, when robo is lying down and you have a view of the bottom of his feet you can see that they are not fully covered! you can see robocop's shoes underneath!

HEY, the arm is behind his back!
First the Ninja cuts of robos fingers. Then he cuts off the hand. In this scene you can actually SEE the actors real arm behind his back.