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Introduced in RoboCop3, the weapon arm was actually a add on that were in a early script of RoboCop2.

Built by Rob Bottin, the versatile gun tab featured a nine-millimeter machine gun, a fully operational missile launcher and a practical flamethrower capable of shooting a stream of fire one hundred feet. The actuall design of the gun arm was made by RoboCop3 director Fred Dekker.

ROB BOTTIN: "In one of our first meetings Fred walked in with a drawing he had done, and said, "I think the gun arm should look something like this; but of course, I'm a big fan of your work and I want to see what you come up with" I looked at his drawing, and said, 'Well. I don't think we can beat thisl' It was a damn good design; and so we went with it."

Stembridge Gun Rentals supplied the machine gun for the multi-weapon arm. Stembridge had supplied all the guns for the Terminator movies and Total Recall; and they were a great help putting this gun arm together. The machine gun was laid down into the cradle of the arm, with the handle and trigger disguised by a second, added barrel. So there were barrels on either side, which made it look more futuristic. The authentic machine gun packed a considerable wallop.

ROB BOTTIN: "When they brought the machine gun to the shop, I wanted to shoot it so that I could make sure it would be safe laying on its side. So Harry Lu from Stembridge loaded it up and I shot a few rounds. It was wild, because it would actually move me backwards as I shot it. It wasn't that big a gun -and I was weighing in at about 235 at that point -yet it could still push me across the room. That was something that Robert Burke had to get used to."

Also incorporated into the practical prop were the flame-thrower and missile launcher. The flamethrower was built for us by Roboshop -a company that did the flame effects for the dragon in the Conan show at Universal Studios. The actual flamethrower was a rod about the size of a pencil- but it could easily shoot a hundred feet offire with the circumference of the stream blossoming out to a good eight feet. Fuel lines for the flamethrower ran out from behind RoboCop, and then off onto the floor to a special tank. Rounding out the multi-weaponarm was the missile launcher which employed small, but powerful rockets used by model rocket enthusiasts. AIl in all. the gun arm was an effective new tool in the RoboCop arsenal.

ROB BOTTIN: "I wish it could have been featured more, because it was pretty cool. And it was great fun to make. We were like a bunch of kids -'Oh, yeah! Let's shoot the machine gun! Hey! Now we get to shoot fire out in the backyard! Now we get to shoot missiles! All of us had a lot of kid-Iike enthusiasm about the gun arm."