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RoboCop: The Ride > Data > Fans > Weller

Stories from the fans on how their meeting with Peter Weller turned out, and mostly, it wasn't very pleasant.

I meet Mr. Weller in a bathroom at a Minnesota Twins baseball game. He was in front of me in the line for the urinal. I told him I admired the brave acting choices he made in RoboCop 2 and he turned around and pissed on me.

AD 309:
I thought I saw Peter when I was in London last year. I said the usual "Hi, love Robocop" etc then he told me he wasn't Peter. But the guy was a dead ringer. He then said “I get that quite a lot” and as he walked past me, he head butted me!

I met Peter Weller in London when he was promoting the RoboCop DVD box. I talked a little about the archive site and asked him if he'd be interested in doing a Robocop4.

He just stared at me, so i figured he wasn't interested. When i turned to leave he cut my head off with a sword and threw my body in a dumpster.

Wasn't a good day..

I met Peter Weller in the UK once. He was at the local Tesco. So of course I went up to him and said I loved RoboCop. He then turned round and kissed me fully on the lips, and stuck his tongue down my throat, and his hand down the front of my jeans.

He then winked blew me a kiss and walked out. I would've been flattered, if my wife wasn't standing next to me. She hates Peter Weller now. Everytime we watch RoboCop she refers to him as "that fuckin' homewrecker!" The incident with Mr Weller has since led me to question my sexuality. My wife and I are in marriage guidance counselling. It's going quite well...

However, I still dream about Peter, and hope one day to run into him again. He was so tender...

It was a relief to share it, I've repressed it for so long. I just get so emotional whenever I think about it though. I thought cause he didn't kick me in the groin, I was different somehow, you know? Men. Tsk

I was standing in line at the grocery store, and this guy got in line behind me and... IT WAS HIM!

I said, "Mr. Weller?"

And he said, "Yeah?"

And I said, "I'm a huge fan of Robo-"

Then he cut me off and yelled that he'd done dozens of movies that were better than Robocop, that he regrets taking the role, and that it was a stupid movie and I was a stupid fan boy. Than he kneed me in the groin and spit on me.

It was the best moment of my life

Caught Weller at a Bar. hunched over nursing a scotch on the rocks. So I Yelled Out. "Dead or Alive, your drinking with me" Mr. Green

I gave him this huge pat on that back, while he rolled his eyes . I attempted to sit on the bar stool next to him when he kicked it out from under me.

I hit my chin on the counter on the way down, and was knocked out cold. To which someone stated Weller rose up and proclaimed. "dead then"

At which point he whipped out his dick, pissed on me, and staggered out the Bar.

when i was on holiday in florida, we drove down to daytona beach, and decided to stop for adrink in this little bar, i went into the toilet and while at the urinal a man came up to me. i noticed it was weller,

he said hello, and i thought this is odd, saying hello at the urinal, after moving to the sink, he followed me over and cmmented on the weather, to which i replied "yes its very nice" he then commented on my accent to which i replied "i'm here on holiday" he then wished me a good time and proceeded to leave.

at that moment i thought fuck it, this guys nice despite the storys i heard,

i shouted after him "i loved you in robocop, its one of my fav..." i never managed to get the last word out, he ripped the hand dryer from the wall and threw it straight at my face, he then kicked my into the corner and started pissing on me (inspite of the fact he'd just been, but let me tell you it was coming out liek a length of yellow cable) and he screamed "I'VE BEEN IN OTHER FILMS BITCH" he then calmy put his junk away and left.

we were deported the next day and are no longer allowed into the us thanks to a country wide restraining order.

Almost a year ago a friend of mine got robbed. Some guy knocked him down and stole his wallet.

Last week, when i made my friend watch "RoboCop" for the first time, he suddenly stands up from the couch and yells "-IT WAS HIM" when Murphy/Weller enters the police station in the beginning of the movie.

Weller stole my friends wallet...

Weller contacted me last night. He said he saw my remarks in this forum and had to see me. I told him my wife was out, so he came round, we shared a candle-lit dinner, and made love by the fireplace. He was an animal!

I wince every time I see a tub of vaseline.

I woke up this morning in a hotel bath full of ice, one of my kidneys has been removed and there was little card with "thankyou for your cooperation, PW" on the sink.

be careful kids, he's harvesting organs

Well, just the other day I saw none other then Peter Weller coming out of a liquor shop carrying a large bottle of Grey Goose Vodka. Now, I'd read about his temper so I casually said

"Hey Peter Weller! you were the man In Buckaroo Banzai, it's probably the most entertaining movie I've ever seen."

"Thanks." He said.

"Naked Lunch was pretty good too. You've got a lot of range as an actor."

"Oh yeah? Ever see Robocop, punk?" he demanded of me.

"I saw part of that sci-fi series, PD once. Sucked." My deceptions were working.

"Hey, you're the first guy I've met who actually respects me as an actor. Come back to my place tonight. I'm having a party."

Oh this was it. I followed him to his car, a Turbocharged 2008 yellow Camaro, and we zipped back to his pad.

"The parties downstairs" he said

We took an elevator 13 stories underground. We entered a sleek futuristic control room. In the corner was a cage full of starving people. One yelled:

"Why Robocop? Why did you lock us away and piss on us?"

At that a large firehose ejected from the wall behind them and sprayed the prisoners with Weller's urine which was saved in a large reservoir.

"That'll teach you fucks to like Robocop!" Weller yelled

"So where's the party Peter?" I asked, these disturbing images forever burned into my mind

"Right here. You see I know you are username Robopimp. i mind linked with the server to find your home address and I staked out that liquor store so I could capture you."

At that he grabbed my stomach and ripped my flesh off, stuffing it in his mouth and devouring it. He took the bottle and smashed it into my head. I fell to the floor. He puller his massive member out and blasted me in the eye with the most puitrid golden urine ever.

With my last dying breath I whispered "...why..?"

Well i had a chat with the server guys and, unfortunately, the whole server crash was just yet another stage in Peter Wellers hate towards his fans.

Apparently he found out that we on this board, in fact, discuss RoboCop and so he started to investigate and found where the site was stored, located the server, and went at it with a crowbar.

I think they said something about him urinating on the server remains, but i stopped listening somewhere around there.

It's all kinda shocking.