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Funt facts from behind the camera.

In RoboCop3, The Japanese characters that scroll up screen in the POV shot as the robot ninjas converge on RoboCop read: "Command; Code bios; Bios system check; RAM check; Biocom interface; Parameter; Memory set; System check; OK."

RoboCop3 was in pre-production by the time part 2 was hitting the theatres(1990). RoboCop3 was a quick, cheaply-made installment. It was made in 1991, but Orion went broke, so it wasn´t released until 1993. The RoboCop3 games actually came out years before the film. Peter Weller chose to do NAKED LUNCH and when asked to return for the third movie he said: "Hell NO!"

The robot Otomo in RoboCop3 is named after Frank Miller's favorite Japanese writer and comic book artist, Katsuhiro Otomo. Frank Miller is a big fan of Ninjas, as can be seen in his "Daredevil" comics.

Otomo, the cyborg samurai, is a nod to his "Ronin" comic about a masterless samurai whose spirit is reanimated with futuristic biotechnology. Bertha Washington, CCH Pounder's freedom fighter in the film, is a reference to Martha Washington, the freedom fighter from Miller's "Give Me Liberty."