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[1] By: KJ planoJedi
I finally got all the screws replaced, the hinges done and the padding in the arms and legs. I finished the suit on Saturday at around 8:30p and headed out to a costume party... We pulled into the parking lot and I got suited up with help from a friend (thank God). I walked across the lot, past a couple of Cops and saluted them Everyone was yelling "Robo!" and "Hi-5-ing" me...

First impression: Chicks DIG Robo! I had a blast! Seemed like everyone wanted a pic with Robo, or wanted to hug Robo... This one girl even wanted me to come home with her and wear the suit!??? Freaky!! LOL! People kept offering me shots and drinks. I finally let one girl buy me a drink near the end of the night but told her I probably couldn't hold it... It was too cool, she stood there with me and fed it to me! LOL! Later, she bought me a shot and did the same thing. Everyone had to touch or tap on the chest (which got annoying).

Favorite part: There was a nurse that had on nothing but a white thong with matching garters, stockings and bra with a lab coat on. I noticed she was around a lot, like she might have been following me. Well, after I took my helmet off, I turned around and she was right behind me. She walked up and hugged me then took my jaw in her hands and kissed me! My buddy was just standing there with his jaw dropped... I love this suit! LOL!

The suit was not that uncomfortable to wear. I had it on for 5 hours and identified a few things that need to be fixed/adjusted.

I had added hinges to the elbows to move the joint farther down. This greatly improved mobility. I can reach my mouth now (I can drink from a bottle). I'm also able to remove/adjust my own helmet. I had read others talking about breaking the T-bar on the ankle so I added some tape around the joint so that if it snapped I wouldn't lose it - I had no problem though, it's still solid. I stuck with the velcro on the shins and had no problem with those. Well, Except near the end of the night they were digging into my feet. Maybe the leg straps where giving? Maybe my shoulders were giving? I noticed the parts of the lower abdoman that go between your legs are too wide to be comfortable... (I have bruises on the backs of the insides of my legs to prove it. A little trimming will fix that. If the abdoman was a little taller up front it would fit me better... It was real close to having a gap. Maybe I'll use velcro on the abdoman like the legs use to hold it up higher. I had to use the dremel to lower the neck opening of the chest plate as it was digging into my neck I replaced the lower chect/back joint with velcro to make it easier to get into. I'll do that on the shoulder as well, makes life easier. I also want to add some type of liner to the helmet (like a hard hat liner). I had to keep adjusting the helmet to keep it straight. One other change I want to make is to move the hinges to the underside of the feet so they don't show.

My thanks go out to Bruce... My suit looks and wears great. It was a complete hit. Thanks to everyone here for the hints and tips for improving the wearability of the suit.