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After posting countless updates on the armor I finally got to wear it out in public.I also got a chance to test out the mods and upgrades posted by myself and others. Lets start out at home in my living room with getting it on. Then we will talk about how you drive a car with armor on. Then the night out at Wyndam Hotel in Washington DC at the Costume Party.

At home:
Well I had tried the armor on before for short test fits and everything went well. However, everything that could go wrong did this night. Simple things like a rivit popping out of the hing of the foot. My replacement screws ( Binding post ) starting to unscrew themselves. I also broke the steel "T" that works with the hinges before I could get out the front door. Some of the weather stripping I used for noise reduction also came off. The shoulder rings I had to remove because you cannot get to the screws to take off and put on your armor. I have pictures that I will need help posting of me suiting up. I suited up by myself but, IT IS NOT EASY! Dont be a fool like I was. Get help. In short I learned the hard way the definition of "Movie Magic". Once I was fully suited up, Boy was I proud!!! Party Here I come!!

The Car vs the Armor:
I own a 1994 Toyota Camry ..Gold. With the seat all the way back and thesteering wheel all the way up, I could not fit fully suited up. I know I read somewhere that the shots of robo in a car are done without the leg armor on. But I simply did not want to take it off. I tried and tried but finally decided to take some of the armor off. I removed the mid section, the feet, the helmet, the chin gaurd, the arms and the gloves. Even removing all those things I barely fit. The chest plate it so wide on the armor that I would not reccomend driving with it on like I did. Much less fully suited up. Kids, dont try this at home.

The party:
Well I arrive and park a couple of blocks away from the Wyndam Hotel in DC. Remember I now have to suit up partally. If you can imagine being fully suited up witha an auto 9 walking through the streets of Washington DC on a Friday night at 11pm. Let me tell you all that words alone do not describe the reaction to Bruces Armor. Cars STOP. People get out of your way. People stop what ever they are doing as you clomp your way to your destination.

Ok at the party I had to walk down several flights of stairs to get to the Ballroom. That was a trip!! Ever notice in the movies robo does not do stairs!! He must take the ecalator or something. But I managed . ...slowly.

It was kind of like cinderella making her entrance into the Grand ballroom. There had to be at least 150 people plus there. Everyone seemed to just stop, and point ,and stare. Everyone wanted to touch the armor. Women, more so than the guys had seem to have a knack for punching the armor witch was getting old quickly. Cameras flashing on average once every 20 minutes. People wanted me to take my helmet off but I refused ( I could not without taking the arms off ). I recieved comments like Kick ass" , Phat, Great costume, How do you use the bathroom? Where did you get it? And That is the best costume I have ever seen!

One guy seemed to want to hover around me. Maybe he had a robo fetish. Another asked me for my auto 9. In my mind, I was like Hell no!! It did not help that it was crowded. Many people want to take pictures with me. I could not drink without a long staw, but I did manage. I even danced. Mind you I was not doing the "Running Man". Many wanted to and gave me congratulations on having THE BEST COSTUME THERE!! I felt like a star. Thanks Bruce!!

I noticed that I was loosing screws so after 3 hours I cut the night short. Plus I was a little sore. Boy did I have a good time. Besides I am going to another party tomorrow night. All in all, was it worth it? HELL YEAH!! Gotta recharge the system. Until the next time.....STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!


When we last left off I was recouperating from the "First Night". We have already established that if you go anywhere with the armor on you will be an instant sensation. Also we know from experience that you will attract weirdo's and fans alike. Also that you will be sore at the end of the night:-)

This particular evenings plan was to go to 2 costume parties in the Washington DC area. Again I had to drive. Only to the outskirts of the city where I met my date who was dressed as Storm from the X-men. After suiting up next to my car in 40 degree weather with her help ( You will need an assistant).. ...We went to the Capital City Brewing company where there was a looooong line. Not even RoboCop could take that long line but, the oogles and kudos I recieved for the armor made it all worth it. Again with the pictures, the knocking of my chest and helmet to see if it was real, and the stares. We were there line...about 20 minutes before I said the hell with this. Lets be out!

My comments landed me at Union Station. ( The largest train station in the city...It is where Hannibal Lector got shot with that tazer and thrown in the van in ....Remember that seen in the movie "Hannibal") Anyway it was not to long before a big guy dressed like a pimp HAD to take pictures with me. After that we got a cab,and as onlookers watched, I COULD NOT FIT IN THE CAB! Dang!!! A big Caprice Classic and I still could not fit. This time I said I'll be damned if I have to take off this costume again. So guess what we did. ...Got another cab, but it was a LONG station wagon. The spectators were looking as I had to be LOADED into the back. So thats how I went to the second party. On my back in the back of a station wagon.

We arrived at LuLu's in DC. I must say it was the king of costume parties. At least in my opinion. As I walked to the club, the bouncer a huge guy, needed to check my Auto 9. After he pulled the clip and told me about Robocop he happily let me in. The club was packed!! I have to say it was over whelming at times trying to manuver through all the people. Some woman grabbed my a..!!! It did not help that I kept getting stopped for pictures by people either. It was hot in that costume as storm and I danced. I was afraid that someone would step on my toe or break off my pistons I danced so much that hours later .....TRAGEDY STRUCK...I lost a couple of screws in my knees and had a blow out. This time I came perpared with a couple of extra screws and nuts. Whew. I missed the costume contest but guess who won third place? EJURIN.(Storm trooper)..He has posted some stuff on this board before.

I went to another costume party afterwards. This one was a little suprising. Not for th fain. I got there and at the door found out that it catered to an alternative lifestyle. Well I had my girl with me so what the heck, plus I was not enthused about catching another cab? Whats the worst that could happen? Remember when Robocop was in the night club? Well it was a mixture of that, and "Babylon" on the the Showtime series "Queer as Folk". I was shocked at how huge the club was. Again with the grabbing, knocking on the armor and such. I felt a little uneasy. Some drunk guy ran up and kissed me! I was like ''What the.....". Anyway my girl and I danced. I then noticed that I lost one of the screws on my elbow. DAMN! That is ok I still had the other side to compensate.

She and I managed to make our way to the back of the club to another dance floor. My visor was seriously fogged up because of the heat. I took one step towards the dance floor and in front of at least 50 costumes people..... 190 pounds plus the weight of the suit CRASHED on the crowded dance floor. I Fell Face down with a load CRUNCH. As the fog machine contuniued to pour white smoke on me and people seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I am on the floor. HELP, I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP. Turns out that the dance floor has a 3 inch step up!!! In the moments that followed I was embarassed and worried if I broke my knee caps. People let me tell you this is the reason why you need someone to watch your back! My girl (Storm) and a stranger helped me up after what seemed like an eternity.

How did the suit do? Well I broke the fibreglass where the screw goes through the left side. Easy enough to fix. But that was it. I came out pretty much unscathed. I can now say that the armor is tough as well as looks good. LOL. Well that did it for me. I was time to go home. We did but not before on last peron came up to me and...

"Fabulous...Simply Fabulous!!!"

We are at our cars now. My girl gave me a hug and broke off one of my u rings on my shoulder. O well. All I could do was laugh. She said she wanted to go out again on Hallowen night...............We'll see. Stay tuned end


Folks ......Halloween night........... This night has been simply OVERWHELMING. The suit attracted TOO MUCH ATTENTION! I did Georgetown ( An area in DC) then a club called "The Platinum".

While in Georgetown, every third person wanted to take pictures of me!!! I received dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of compliments. There had to be well close to a thousand people there walking the streets. About 3/4s of them in a costume!! The armor caused so much attention that I was causing gridlock at times. People were screaming "Hey ROBO" from there cars! Also an evening news crew filmed me. I cannot tell you what channel since my visor was fogged. I told the camera..."Stay Out Of Trouble" then just laughed and did a practiced Robo move. I don't know if it will end up on TV but I was filmed. I believe I took close to 92 pictures with various people. It was so much attention I wanted to go home! But I did not drive. I was quickly becoming miserable. WAY too much of a good thing. Also, the fact that this BUM that smelled like a turd kept trying to keep his hand on my back, did not help! All this happened in a span 2 1/2 hours!

At the Platinum Club in DC. I got there just as they were picking the costume contest winners. That was just a fluke. I was in the club barely 1 minute before I was whisked on stage by the bouncers. The MC said "Ohhhh, We have a new contestant in the place.......ROBOCOP!" I then did a Robo Pose in front of about 150 people on stage. He then said "By round of applause, who should win first place?" As he went down the others on stage, the crowd clapped. When he got to me the crowd roared "ROBO,ROBO,ROBO,ROBO!!! I WON!!!!!! I came in 1st place! They then stuffed an envelope in the hand I was carrying the Auto 9. I later found out it is 500 dollars in cash. Its sitting right next to me as I type this.

I have been home now for an hour. It's 5 am in the morning. I am still in shock at what happened to me tonight. I was a movie star for a night! I wonder if my Robo armor will turn into a pumpkin now.