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When will we be able to see R:PD? What are its currently scheduled airdates?

In the USA, the SCIFI CHANNEL will be airing the series in the month of July 2001 as follows:
Mon, July 16 (Mon), July 17, July 18, July 19 (Thu)
East Coast: 9:00 PM with a repeat at midnight
West Coast: 6:00 PM with a repeat at 9 PM.

In Canada, SPACE: THE IMAGINATION STATION will be running the series in early 2001, in uneditted Widescreen format. If you live in Ontario and get CITY-TV, you can expect to get a sneek peak when it's aired in January (however it will not be widescreen and some content will be editted for the network). They already had a sneak showing of Dark Justice this past October which went very well.
Please be aware that airdates (planed or otherwise) are out of our hands. We made the films, but have no control over when or where they're screened.

Will R:PD air on network tv or cable tv?

Look for it on cable tv. It was made with an adult audience in mind and cable is a lot more permissable as to what we can show and what we can't.

Is this movie going to the big screen? Is this Robocop 4?

PD was made for TV - that's why it's 6 hours long. It is its own entity - that's why it's "ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES", not "RoboCop 4".

Will there be another RoboCop movie?

That's out of our hands. A RoboCop 4 (Theatrical release) would be MGM's area, not ours. Only time will tell if MGM wants to make a RoboCop 4.

When does the poster contest end?

The poster contest is still going strong. We want to keep it open until everyone's had a chance to see Prime Directives, be they in Canada, the USA the UK and elsewhere. When we decide to end the competition, it will be announced on this site, and we'll be sure to give plenty notice before doing so.

[Unfortunatly the contest was cancelled with the shutdown of the site.]

Are there plans to release the movies to VHS and DVD?

Producer/Director Julian Grant recorded a 6 hour audio commentary with scribes Brad Abraham and Joseph O'Brien, and a DVD collection is in the works. As for when we'll see it (and a video release) depends on when the video rights are worked out. We're hoping for it to be in stores next year, possibly late summer or early autumn. (Don't forget that the prize of the poster contest is a copy of the DVD)

[The Region2 DVDs was released Feb 2002 and the Region1 Feb 2003, both without the commentary. ]