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03/01/2000 - ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES website is now online.

      Welcome to the official site for ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES. Look around the site, many things are available to you. Character bios are up and running, the image archive contains photos from the productions as well as downloadable wallpaper images which will all be updated on a regular basis, so check back frequently!

  • A synopsis of the first movie, DARK JUSTICE, which is spoiler-free, can be found in the trailers section.
  • Expect 90 second ROBOCOP quicktime promo soon!
  • The forum is also up and running, so feel free to go post your thoughts up in there.

If any news related to ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES is announced, expect to find it here first.

If you have any further comments or questions, feel free to submit your id and comment to OCP.

Thank you for your cooperation.

03/08/2000 - Robocop Status

       Have completed rough cut for first film (DARK JUSTICE) and moving on into the second film. Am already assembled and working on tweaking the picture for review by Fireworks and (believe it or not) the writers. I have Brad and Joe act as official BS critics who will turn on me in a second if I deviate from the script. Sometimes that's necessary and I don't do it lightly. Am pleased as punched to say that DJ is everything Brad and Joe wrote and then some.

The CGI house, Stargate SPFX, are working diligently on the over 800 shots assigned to them! The laser rifles, taser prods and blood FX are phenomenal and I almost wept when I saw the electric staff punch a big hole through a bad guy.

Music by Norman Orenstein is out-of-this-world. Think Morricone meets Elfman and you just begin to scratch the surface. His guitar work and Cable theme are heart-wrenching and I do believe that his interpretation of Poledouris' work will be warmly greeted by fans.

Until next time,



       Have finished DARK JUSTICE! Am halfway through the edit on MELTDOWN and am very happy with the results. David Ransley, the Supervising Editor (we have had five on this from Day One) has just finished a huge battlescene (12 minutes) complete with a SLO-MO ending that so rules. He took my original concept and built upon it until....oh la la. Stargate SPFX continues to rule with the Goozee gun laser beam being clearly defined (think GHOSTBUSTERS on acid) and the background plates actually look like part of the scene and not just some add ons after the fact.

We've assembled RESURRECTION and come up with some nifty tweaks (Brad and Joe will peak) and added a new kid friendly cyborg who will say cute things all the time and have a little comic book ballon above his head.


And Murphy has a little Nike swoosh added to his armour (Thanks for the corporate $$$) and we're really thinking about how we can lose all the hostility, body parts and gore so CBS will buy the series and up their cool ratio.

If you believe the last part about RESURRECTION, you are on the wrong site.

Watch out for a synopsis on MELTDOWN, a new faster easier trailer (and for the record this is just a fun, temp trailer we put together for fun...for you guys to enjoy) and a BEHEMOTH Making of Documentary in the coming months. You'll see behind the scenes, under the armour and basically all of the fun we had making ROBO: PD.

Until next time,



      Finished MELT DOWN. Am tweaking final edits and inviting crew and select cast and the omnipotent writers/editors to screen it on Friday night. Am, as always, hopeful that they like it.

Am assembling CRASH & BURN and the opening Cable onslaught with Norm's music is so.....f-ing cool! My lead editor, David Ransley is God! Thx to Chuck, Joyce and Jamie for all their continued efforts. Can't believe I'm getting finished and with everything intact! Blood. Guts. Great performances. I hope Brad and Joe like it. Right now in Hollywood a big debate is going on between the Director's Guild and the Writer's Guild about the possesory credit, "A FILM BY....". Directors believe authorship is theres by virtue of the fact that they shot the words. I truly believe it is a communal effort and no one person can be truly singled out for recognition. If you like the work that we do, please remember that TEAM ROBO brought you this series of pictures and that thanks to the no-hands-on approach by Fireworks Entertainment, we made a really cool series of films.

Have one month left to wrap cutting the other two pictures then off to LA for ADR recording with some of the stars. Have to deliver for July 31 (with everything intact) for September playdates. Series is selling extremly well around the world and with MIP coming up, we will be announcing soon who the US distributor is and other key foreign partners.

Thank you everyone for your advance interest and please keep visiting the site for more updates.

Best regards,



       Have not forgotten about you, faithful webheads. Am stuck in the editing suites night and day working towards my deadline of month's end. If you've ever cut a film you can well imagine how tough it is sometimes. Now compound by four and you get the idea. We are working faithfully to make this the best Robo experience ever and I am very happy. We are just putting the finishing touches on Crash & Burn as I write this and I am off to LA on Monday to shoot ADR with Kaydick, Ann and Sandra Smiles. Will have to use ISDN connections with a number of actors who are spread out across the globe. That's tough because we stay in Toronto, the sctor sits in a sound studio in Madrid or London and I direct them over the phone and we download the finished tracks.

In the coming weeks I will be much more vocal and even send some CGI updates to you to review and comment on.




       We have finished cutting. The movie(s) is/are done and we are happy. The powers-that-be had some minor scene re-arranging in 3 and I had to drop a face being smashed in with a sledgehammer - but it was worth it. Tex Avery tricks never fail. Give 'em something to object to and everything else flies.

Am very tired, very happy and running out of time. Have been on this non-stop for eighteen months now and am nearing the end of it and am watching the finished deal in Theatre 4 at Deluxe in Toronto on the big screen and as a fan am totally with the show. I really am.

I hope you will be too.

Will get more web activity happening soon. We are cutting four different promos, a one hour special looms on the SPACE channel in the next couple of months, the CGI tests will be posted soon for all to see and I am going to bed.

Best to you and yours,



      Well, it's almost time. We're mixing the last film right now and tweaking SPFX and enjoying, like the over amped fanboys that we are, the fruit of our labour.

I like it!

When Brad, Joe and I took on this assignment, we were adamant about remaining true to the original spirit of the work. Budget and time are the two things you never have enough of...even if you are a $200 Million extravaganza. As ROBO: PD unfolded, we tried to remember what the original movie meant to us and how we could enhance/improve/enrich the experience that was Robocop. If this work has any merit (and I believe it does) you must remember that it all starts on the page. Then it moves to the floor where armies of technicians and actors work their asses off. The Post team loses sleep night and day to make impossible deadlines while the CGI folks work around the clock and the Composer and Mixing Staff complete the ordeal.

To everyone that has laboured so long and so hard on this project, I salute you. ROBO: PD is the culmination of a lot of hard work by some very talented people.

As the ringleader I get a chance to be identified as the driving force of the project. For that I thank everyone. However, it is you, dear Robo Fan, who will make or break this film series.

Expect a lot of news shortly as to the who will broadcast in the USA, a new agreement to release a Soundtrack Album for your enjoyment, a detailed Behind-The-Scene breakdown by film and an official Press Release regarding the fate of Alex Murphy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Julian Grant

07/06/01 - SITE UPDATE

     Greetings! Our banner has been updated (just in time!) and a new banner from the SciFi Channel has been added under the links section. Don't Forget to check out SciFi.com's RoboCop Prime Directives site.

     As well, Joseph O'Brien and Brad Abraham, co-writers of RoboCop: Prime Directives, will be attending their final "ROBO-RELATED" chat event July 19 at 11pm ET on the Database! Yes, this chat will be a spoilers-infested discussion (the first time ever!!!) - since this will be right after the airing of the final episode, CRASH AND BURN. Check out the RoboCop Database for more info. Thanks Brandon.

     Don't forget the SciFi airdates either now!
Mon, July 16 (Mon), July 17, July 18, July 19 (Thu)
East Coast: 9:00 PM with a repeat at midnight
West Coast: 6:00 PM with a repeat at 9 PM.


     The SciFi Channel has finally announced airdates!!!
Mon, July 16 (Mon), July 17, July 18, July 19 (Thu)
East Coast: 9:00 PM with a repeat at midnight
West Coast: 6:00 PM with a repeat at 9 PM.


      Producer/director Julian Grant and writers Brad Abraham and Joseph O'Brien will be special guests at Toronto Trek 2000, at the Regal Constellation Hotel, 900 Dixon Road, Toronto this Saturday, July 15 at 10:00AM.

Also attending will be several members of the PRIME DIRECTIVES cast, including David Fraser (Ed Hobley), Marni Thompson (Abby Normal), Leslie Hope (Ann R. Key) and Maurice Dean Wint (John T. Cable/RoboCable).



The Votes Are In!!!

CITY TV's world debut of DARK JUSTICE scored a resounding 3.5 on the Cdn. Neilson Ratings System. This means that one in every ten households watched our debut showcase.

This is a resounding success and expect an official press release detailing the next showcases and much more shortly.

TEAM ROBO has been very busy recently working on a number of top secret projects all destined for your home screens and beyond.

I'm tied up directing an episode of RELIC HUNTER (#215/ M.I.A. for the curious) that will air across North America in March 2001.

The CD's are coming along swimmingly and we release tracks and have contests for your shortly. Please support Norm's work by picking up a copy.

We will introduce a FAQ for the newcomers and post all airdates as they are made available to us by the distributors. We will tell you as soon as we can legally announce who is carrying the complete series in your country.

Thanks for all your support.

Best regards,


10/23/00 FLASH MOVIE

      We're proud to present a highly entertaining version of Robocop: Prime Directives in Flash format. Keeping true to Julian's style of doing things, this Flash movie is bloody, blows stuff up but most importantly, fun to watch. Jose Ortiz has done a great job here. It's a 6 MB file to view, so those of you on dial up connections may have to wait a while, but it's worth it. 2 minutes of Robo animation at it's finest. Good job Jose.


[The following text was displayed on the intro page when the PD site was shut down SEP 26 2001.]

Dear Robo-Maniacs,

     Thank you for all of your kind words and support. We've had a great time talking with all of you and appreciate the time and care you have given to our films.

     I would like to personally thank the outstanding cast and crew that made this series a success, the internet team of Burnout Productions for their hard work and you...the fans who continued to keep Alex Murphy alive for so many years.

      Please visit the Fireworks Entertainment website at "http://www.watchfireworks.com" for all other future breaking news!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Julian Grant
Producer / Director

[ The TV Ratings in Canada was good, but the following US ratings for the whole show was far from it. At avarage the four episodes scored a 0.8 rating when aired on SCIFI channel in July 2001. That is estimated 817,600 people. A 1.5 rating is considered "good" in the TV-world, wich means that PD unfortunatly didnīt do very well. Probably, as far as Fireworks Entertainment was concerned, PD had been broadcast where it's supposed to be, and they saw no point in paying money to keep the website online anymore. This left alot of things uncleared. A ongoing poster contest was cancelled and the fans never got any information on any upcoming VHS or DVD releases.