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This "Super classic" Robocop action figure made 1995 is a real one-of-a-kind toy. The figure was released during the RoboCop:The series days and includes many parts and accessories.

He stands 15-inches tall, features fully articulating arms and legs, and is made of a hard blue-chromed plastic, which is almost the same metallic body coloration as the Robocop movie costume. The helmet and chin guard are removable, exposing his full face. The top and back of his head opens up to expose a removable brain.

Removing his chest plate reveals three buttons that generate various mechanical Robocop sounds, which sound very much like the movie sound effects, such as when his leg opens to expose his gun, mechanical movement, etc. Additionally, three red LED lights located over his heart will flash when a button is pressed and a sound is made. He operates on two AA batteries.

Both of his hands are removable and his right mechanical-looking hand has the retractable spear/computer interface lance.

His right calf opens to expose his firearm, included, which pops out on a retractable spring-loaded holster. He also has a removable codpiece.

His left calf opens to expose a disc-like hand grenade, included, which pops out on a retractable spring-loaded holster.