RoboCop Games


Converting RoboCop
In 1988 Ocean Software released what would become the biggest home computer game of the eightes. Part coin-up coversion and part unique movie license.

The Lost GBA game
An entirely new 2D RoboCop adventure was completed by Titus for the Gameboy Advance but was never official released. In 2022 fans finally got to play it when the full game was leaked online.

Unlike the first game for the Atari and Amiga, the sequel shares little with the RoboCop 2 arcade version. What we get instead is some really frustrating platforming.

Titus VS RoboCop
Breaking away from the 2D styling of previous titles, the French developer brought Detroit's finest not only into the third dimension, but into a first person shooter.

Game Flyer Gallery
Here you will find Arcade flyers and game ads for various RoboCop games. They range from arcade to console as well as the more rare pinball and watch games.


RoboCop has featured in a long line of computer and console games through the years. Check out reviews, articles, fan-games and flyers from a variety of systems.

There is a new Robocop game called Rogue City which is set for release in 2023, but unfortunately it doesn't look like the game will be available in virtual reality (VR) though. Even though there are more and more virtual reality business apps and games being released everyday, not all apps and games are designed for VR.