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Fun info and trivia from the production of the second RoboCop movie.

The scene in which RoboCop opens fire around the head of a man who is smoking, after which he says 'Thank you for not smoking', was run as a public service announcement ahead of several different films in many non-smoking movie theaters during the summer movie season that year.

The Robocop suit for the sequel was constructed purely of Fiberglass. This allowed Peter Weller far more freedom in terms of movement and gave the suit a different "new car" metallic look.

The point-of-view shots from RoboCop show an interface based on MS-DOS . The villain Cain has the Apple based OS.interface with a skull instead of the Apple logo.

The City of Detroit is depicted as being cash-strapped where OCP owns the entire metropolitan area - as life imitating art, the City of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy on July 18, 2013 with an estimated $18 - $20 billion debt.

In Robocop 2 when the gang of crooks break into the weapons store - when the two argue about the cops coming and on strike, etc. If you look real close at the gun rack on the left of one the arguing men - its a familiar gun. Why? Because its the Beretta M93r-Ag unmodified - the slightly unmodified version of Robocop's Auto 9!

When Cain escapes the drug factory in RoboCop2 he shoots a woman was working at the nuke drug facility and is now sitting in his limousine. She was saying in Mandarin "Take me with you, if not the police will catch me."

While displaying Robocop's new directives at the police station, the cable plugged into his head is actually a water supply coupling for a toilet.

In the segment when the police are raiding the nuke lab, Robo recreates the infamous "scope shot" where he shoots a sniper in the eye through the snipers own scope. This is based upon the real life exploits of Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock.

A directive which is only seen briefly in the scene where they are having trouble uploading the new directives into Robocop is "Directive 262: Avoid Orion Meetings". Orion Pictures was the production and distribution company for Robocop 2.

While producers loved 'Frank Miller' 's original version of the script, they quickly realized it was unfilmable as written. The final screen version was heavily rewritten and bears only a superficial resemblance to Miller's story. In 2003, Miller's screenplay was adapted into a comic book series titled, appropriately, "Frank Miller's RoboCop".

In the scene where Robocop was being reprogrammed by Dr. Juliette Faxx, the following hex numbers scroll quickly up the screen: "50 45 54 45 20 4B 55 52 41 4E 20 49 53 20 41 20 47 52 45 41 54 20 47 55 59". Converted to ASCII text, it reads: "PETE KURAN IS A GREAT GUY". Peter Kuran was the special effects photographer.

when Juliette Faxx is going through death row inmates' files on the computer the first picture you see is that of RoboCop2 director Irvin Kershner.


The abandoned hospital in Robocop 2 was the former Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, TX. Sadly, the building was demolished in 1999, and the property where the hospital was once located was sold off to the Federal Reserve for $23 million.

The auditorium scenes in Robocop 2 where the Cain/Robocop 2 incarnation was unveiled was in fact, filmed in the Houston George R. Brown Convention Center.

The press conference scene where Mayor Cusack shouts at the media was filmed in front of the east entrance to the Houston City Hall building, located at 901 Bagby in Houston, TX.

The grand finale was filmed at Wortham Center in the Theater District in Houston, TX, on Smith, Prairie, and Texas Avenue - in some background shots, Jones Plaza is seen in the background, which was recently renovated in late 1999 - 2001. In several scenes, the white building which was seen in the background was the Alley Theatre; CGI imagery was used to create the visible damage during the final scenes.


These are the directives shown when RoboCop is being reprogramed by Dr. Juliette Faxx

DIRECTIVE 233 Restrain hostile feelings

DIRECTIVE 234 Promote positive attitude

DIRECTIVE 235 Suppress aggressiveness

DIRECTIVE 236 Promote pro-social values

DIRECTIVE 246 Don't rush traffic lights (repeated below)

DIRECTIVE 254 Encourage awareness

DIRECTIVE 256 Discourage harsh language

DIRECTIVE 258 Commend sincere efforts

DIRECTIVE 261 Talk things out

DIRECTIVE 262 Avoid Orion meetings


DIRECTIVE 267 Keep an open mind

DIRECTIVE 268 Encourage participation

DIRECTIVE 273 Avoid stereotyping

DIRECTIVE 278 Seek non-violent solutions

DIRECTIVE 238 Avoid destructive behavior

DIRECTIVE 239 Be accessible

DIRECTIVE 240 Participate in group activities

DIRECTIVE 241 Avoid interpersonal conflicts

DIRECTIVE 242 Avoid premature value judgements

DIRECTIVE 243 Pool opinions before expressing yourself

DIRECTIVE 244 Discourage feelings of negativity and hostility

DIRECTIVE 245 If you haven't got anything nice to say don't talk

DIRECTIVE 246 Don't rush traffic lights

DIRECTIVE 247 Don't run through puddles and splash pedestrians or other cars

DIRECTIVE 248 Don't say that you are always prompt when you are not

DIRECTIVE 249 Don't be oversensitive to the hostility and negativity of others

DIRECTIVE 250 Don't walk across a ballroom floor swinging your arms

Some of these Robocop directives are rather humorous but other programmers have to focus on serious issues like improving the Magento e-commerce platform. Magento development is even using AI automation to make e-commerce sites run more smoothly.


In RoboCop2 the Nuke drug capsules were Contact lense rewetting drop containers with food coloring injected into them. Also the travel case used by some of the nuke addicts was a clear tape cassette holder.

In the Arcade scene when RoboCop arrest Officer Duffy most video games shown are created by Data East. Some of the games shown are MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE, BAD DUDES and SLY SPY. Data East was the creator behind both the RoboCop 1 and 2 arcade games.

RoboCop2 Script writer Frank Miller has a cameo role in RoboCop2. He plays a nuke scientist in Cains gang. Cain actually calls him "Frank" three times in a this scene. Later he gets blown up as the truck explodes.