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The script featured here is the complete 10 June 1986 4th draft of the Robocop script, all 113 pages worth. The full script is in Adobe PDF format, weighing in at a full 1.6 megabytes. Thanks to David Sisselman for scanning the script for us. Read his comments below.

"This script is quite different from the finished product we all know and love. There are some scenes that were completely omitted from the final version, and a lot of the dialogue is different, for better or for worse. There's a whole chase scene toward the end of the script. Actually, the entire final scene is completely different from the final film (starting approximately from the point where Robo appears on the catwalk above the city street and says "Looking for me?" up until the final moment when Robo kills Clarence).

It's definitely an interesting read. There will be some parts where you'll think, "Damn, why'd they change that," and other parts where you'll think, "It's a damn good thing they changed that." I'll leave the analysis to you.

It took about seven hours or so to scan in the whole thing page-by-page. As for the quality of the scans, my primary goal was to keep the file size as small as possible while still maintaining a readable document. I used pure black-and-white scans, as grayscale scans would have meant a huge, huge file. Also, the pages are all on a slant because that's how they appear on the original copy I have, so it would have been difficult to make them appear non-skewed."

David Sisselman


Size: 1,6 Meg
Format: PDF
Pages: 113

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