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Episode guide for the 22 Episodes the RoboCop TV series aired 1994-1995. Episode Guide provided by Perdicus and Tvtome.

(Pilot Movie/Series Premiere):

William Ray "Pudface" Morgan manages to critically injure Robocop with an anti-tank missile. Meanwhile, Dr. Cray Z. Millardo transforms OCP secretary Diana Powers into NeuroBrain, the CPU of Delta City's MetroNet, which runs everything in Delta City. She's lost her body to Science; will her mind be next? Featuring the first appearances of Gadget (a foster kid from Family Services who gives Robo his first lead in the "Dogtown Ripper" case), Pudface Morgan (Robo's most persistent nemesis), Dr. Cray Z. Millardo (inventor of MetroNet and NeuroBrain) and OCP executive Chip Chayken (both of whom are also very persisitent).

Diana starts to realize what has happened to her, as Dr. Millardo schemes to shut her down and take control of OCP. Officer Lisa Madigan, RoboCop's partner, brazenly crashes an OCP board meeting, giving the Chairman of OCP the incentive he needs to repair Robocop and help the police.

Robo is repaired, but his memory is scrambled by Chaken. Diana manages to repair him, though, and Robo arrests Dr. Millardo and Chayken, saving OCP and Diana.

NeuroBrain had many failures before it succeeded with Diana. The reason: they needed a living human brain. Unfortunately, when they experimented with street people from the "Dogtown" slums, their brains couldn't take the strain. Their discarded bodies led to the "Dogtown Ripper" case for the DPD. They finally settled on Diana Powers' brain because she was much younger and had experienced less trauma. It worked.

Also featured is the beginning of Robo's unspoken agreement with the Chairman: Robo will continue to enjoy OCP's complete support, while in exchange, Robo will bail out the Chairman and OCP whenever they get into trouble they can't get out of (which is nearly every episode). Also, RoboCop refuses to divulge his true identity to his family.

A TV tabloid host calls RoboCop the tool of Satan. RoboCop finds himself a fugitive when the arrogant host is murdered. Madigan must prove him innocent before OCP shuts him down--permanently.

This episode plays out like a remake of "The Fugitive" movie, with Robocop in the role of Kimball. Even going so far as to replicate the Kimball/Gerard face off in the sewers down to the dialogue. This Episode was based on the "Prime Suspect" Dark Horse comic.(see comics section)

Delta City's citizens are going crazy; can a new diet pill be the cause? RoboCop bails out OCP again, with the help of the new super-slick foam being issued to the police. "Pudface" Morgan shows up again.

RoboCop is hurt and on the run. Can he be rescued in time? Power shortages cripple Old Detroit. RoboCop takes the Chairman on patrol. ex-OCP employee's portable "turbo-generators" are developed by OCP. His son needs a lung transplant. He manages to repair RoboCop enough so that Robo can fight off the street gang that is terrorizing the power-less neighborhoods.

A young boy (seen last episode) needs a lung transplant, but the donor lungs are stolen before he can get them. Can RoboCop track down the missing organs before it's too late?

06 "Ghosts of War":
A group of mentally unstable Amazon War vets are manipulated into stealing top-secret weapons. In order to accomplish their mission--to destroy MetroNet and NeuroBrain--they must steal "Omnium", the new element wich powers Delta City's "cold-fusion" reactor. Can RoboCop stop them in time? One of Alex Murphy's childhood friends--Sgt. Frank Uno--is among the vets. He is killed in the final fire-fight.

07 "Zone Five":
OCP assigns police duties in Zone Five exclusively to the Community Action Patrol, a.k.a. the "C.A.P. Crew"--made up entirely of ex- cons!. RoboCop must expose their illegal activities before Jimmy Murphy is killed.

The C.A.P. Crew is established as an experiment by one of OCP's execs, and they initially save OCP 12.25% of what regular police would cost. Sgt. Parks strongly believes that the whole thing is a mistake, and is vindicated when Detective Madigan provides the crucial evidence, videotaping the Crew in the act of making and distributing "Fun", a deadly new designer drug. At almost the same time, Jimmy Murphy, who has joined the Crew, sees too much and is taken prisoner. Armed with this evidence and motivation, Robocop busts the Crew and saves Jimmy.

08 "Provision 22":
A controversial piece of legislation puts Nancy Murphy in danger. RoboCop must find a loophole before Nancy is permanently injured. He gets it when he discovers that a paperwork snafu made her arrest illegal.

Nancy Murphy is on welfare because Alex's pension has been held up due to technicalities. Web Care is responsible for managing welfare, which is now privatized in Delta City and Old Detroit. OCP is testing the concept before taking it nationwide. Nancy has made a lot of friends at the Mission, where Jimmy stays from time to time while Nancy works in an illegal sweatshop. Provision 22 makes it illegal to work and receive welfare at the same time.

Web Care has its' own security force, which is equipped with electric shock devices--cattle prods, really. They are known as the "Mod Squad", and are responsible for enforcing Provision 22. Web Care must file an ITA ("Intent To Arrest") form with the District Attorney's office before arresting anyone for working illegally. Once arrested, the suspects are "rehabilitated" (read: brainwashed), then released. They are not processed through the normal court system. RoboCop discovers that Web Care did not file an ITA form before arresting Nancy Murphy, so he storms right into Web Care and springs her.

Robocop (to Diana): "I must go. My family needs me."

Nancy goes right back to the Mission and orders a press conference to be held immediately. But a cop's work is never done; Web Care's administrators, who have been cheating people out of their benefits ever since they got the job, have planned one more strike. They've hired a notorious arsonist to plant a bomb in a van outside the mission. But first, there is a magnetic resonance projector, modified to project a sonic pulse which will resonate inside the human cranial cavity and cause permanent brain damage. The Chairman has discovered proof of the Web Care administrators' criminal activity and fired them--but he doesn't know about the bomb or the MRP.

While RoboCop is surveying the area just outside the mission during the press conference, he discovers Detective Lisa Madigan tied up in the van with the bomb and the MRP. The arsonist K.O.'ed her when she wasn't looking and gleefully explained the whole thing--when she came to--before locking her in the van. While Madigan evacuates the mission, Robocop shoves the van into an abandoned building across the street. He changes the frequency of the MRP to something really loud but not permanently damaging. Then the bomb goes off, destroying the building.

RoboCop is O.K., and Det. Madigan arrests the arsonist, who is eager to make a deal. The Chairman orders the arrest of the Web Care administrators, which Madigan sarcastically acknowledges. There is a final shot of RoboCop and Nancy Murphy.

Nancy: "You always seem to be there when we need you."
RoboCop: "It's my job, ma'am. I'm a cop."

09 "Faces of Eve":
A new OCP product--the "Eve Face"--gives people instant, painless plastic surgery; the ability to look like anyone or anything they want. Unfortunately, it only lasts 3 hours (children, can you say "planned obselesence"?), and Pudface Morgan is already plotting to use it for his own ends--to kill RoboCop.

Geez! Talk about a media feeding frenzy; a bunch of reporters practically break down the Murphys' door to get an interview with Jimmy, who was an eyewitness to the attempted murder of the judge who sentenced Pudface Morgan to jail. Then Pudface's goons kidnap the kid--but not before Robo puts a tracer on their van.

The "Eve" system even duplicates retinal patterns perfectly! Pudface uses this feature to access the Chairman's personal files and activate the Cyborg Termination Sequence. Robo's sinking fast.

Chairman: "Robocop's a symbol of justice! A beacon of hope! He's worth $100 million!"
Pudface: "You're breakin' my heart."

RoboCop manages to contact Diana, who slows down Robo's termination and e-mails Charlie Lippencott, Robo's personal maintenance tech. Charlie hacks into OCP's SatNet and uses his own "backdoor" password to access Robo's systems and cancel the termination sequence.

Pudface: "As a consumer, I gotta tell ya; this product has some serious drawbacks. You oughtta do somethin' about that!"
RoboCop: "Just say no."

Fully restored, RoboCop takes out Pudface and Jimmy Murphy gets a medal for helping the police.

Nancy: "I'm sure his father would be proud."
RoboCop: "Yes. He would be."

10 "When Justice Fails":
RoboCop is assigned to protect a corporate raider with lots of enemies. Can he reform her before it's too late?

OCP has developed the "SpaceTram", apparently the next generation of manned spacecraft. The astronauts, "a Catholic, a Protestant, a Musilm and a Jew", are outfitted in spacesuits similar to the Space Shuttle astronauts of the '90s. The Space-Tram is powered by Cryo-Fuel, which has been developed by Cryonautics Corp. The problem is, it's unstable; if the SpaceTram takes off with Cryo-Fuel in its' tanks, it'll explode about 10 hrs. after launch when the fuel decrystalizes.

Tori Tolan--the corporate raider in question--has taken over Cryonautics Corp. in order to make a quick profit. Her partner, J.J., is completely ruthless, even to the point of setting off a bomb near Tori in order to implicate an ex- Cryonautics employee. He then kills the guy and then lies about the guy perhaps having a gun--effectively. RoboCop's voice stress analyzer can't determine if he's lying or not.

Detective Madigan investigates Cryonautics Corp., but is discovered. J.J. knocks her out, then uses her gun to kill Lab Tech Marley (who was about to reveal everything), and wounds Merritt (who was arguing with Marley). J.J. takes Tori to the CN lab where he discovers the proof that Cryo-Fuel is unstable-- a printout that Marley had hidden. RoboCop shows up and tries to arrest J.J. J.J. puts a gun to Tori's head and threatens to kill her if Robo doesn't put down his gun. Robo complies, and J.J. shoots a pipe full of some sub-zero material. The stuff freezes RoboCop, who experiences crticial systems failures. Tori fights J.J. when he tries to hit Robo with a pipe, buying Robo enough time to un-freeze himself and beat up J.J.

J.J. tries to make a break for it, but slips on the ice created when he shot the pipe, sliding right into the sub-zero plume. He freezes to death within seconds, and his body crumbles into fragments.

Tori: "What happened to him?"
RoboCop: "He went to pieces."

Robo makes an emergency call to the Chairman, and Tori convinces him to abort the launch. Tori returns Cryonautics to its' original owners and decides to leave the material world behind--joining a swami at a health spa.

11 "The Human Factor":
A disgruntled ex-OCP employee threatens to destroy Delta City with a nuclear weapon. Russell Murphy (Captain, DPD, ret.), who helped put this guy in jail twelve years ago, proves invaluable in helping RoboCop defeat him, despite the Chairman's establishing the "elite" Anti-Corporate Terrorism Squad ("A.C.T.S.").

Russell Murphy: "For what it's worth, you're a damned good cop."
RoboCop: "So are you, sir."

NOTE: The crimes were always patterned after a certain type of spiderweb.

12 "Inside Crime":
Pudface Morgan takes advantage of the "Inside Crime" TV show to rob OCP. He is collaborating with a female OCP exec.

"Inside Crime" is a TV show that follows criminals while they commit their crimes. It's a big hit, but the police hate it; it's making Pudface into a cult hero, not to mention making their jobs harder. RoboCop tries to bust Pudface in the middle of an "I.C." shoot. Rochelle Carney, the exec in charge of "I.C.", is secretly in league with Pudface.

RoboCop eventually busts Pudface and exposes Ms. Carney. She resigns, and "Inside Crime" is cancelled. OCP comes up with a new show: "Those Darn Vigilantes!".

RoboCop: "Television has a lot to answer for."

NOTES: RoboCop displays the ability to jump off of a 5-story building and land safely on his feet (although he does make quite an impression on the pavement).

13 "RoboCop vs. Commander Cash":
Special guest star "Rowdy" Roddy Piper as "Commander Cash". The creator of a top-secret message encryption program takes his revenge on OCP and the man who betrayed him; Simon Atwater, currently VP of Child Development.

Commander Cash "Super Flakes" cereal has a special ingredient in it that is activated by "a common phosphorus-calcium-based household chemical", but is undetectable otherwise.

RoboCop: "Just add milk."

When you eat it, it makes you susceptible to subliminal advertising. Robocop discovers this, and saves the children of America from being brainwashed.

NOTES: RoboCop discovers/remembers "Cartoon Law":

The superhero always wins. He never lies, never breaks the law, and never rests until the villain is brought to justice. He also provides a good example for children.

14 "Illusions":
A magician teams up with a gunrunner to kill RoboCop.

RoboCop leads an illegal-weapons bust, but the head honcho, Reggie Braga, escapes indictment. He employs an assassin, "the Magician", to take out RoboCop. Braga is planning a new shipment, while the Magician sends his hired guns to kill the Chairman of OCP. Det. Madigan invesitages the Magician, and meets another one--a very handsome, charming guy. She gets a lead from a poster of "Milo the Magnificent" on the wall of the guy's store.

Schmidt & Wilson (husband and wife?), the hit team employed by the Magician, plan to make their attempt on the Chairman at the unveiling of the new Interceptor Mark II, being developed by Security Concepts as the next generation of police cars.

The next day, the Interceptor II is to be field-tested, with RoboCop at the wheel. While Robo is getting the Interceptor warmed up, Foster gives his secretary a big ol' smooch--right in public!--distracting her. The I2 rolls out, and then blows up; supposedly with RoboCop inside!

15 "Tin Man":
Murphy's old partner has been transformed into a zombie (of sorts) under the control of a ruthless OCP exec.

When Murphy was a rookie, his partner, Philip Malloy, used excessive force on a suspect. Murphy testified against him in court, and Malloy went to prison. While he was in prison, Malloy became the subject of an OCP experiment to seperate his emotions from his consciousness. The former warden of the prison where Malloy was kept is now an OCP exec, hoping to use Malloy to further his own career.

Malloy is outfitted with the latest body armor and small-arms from OCP Security Concepts, transforming him into "The Vigilante", who goes after crooks without regard for due process. Unfortunately, the scheme backfires when Robocop discovers who the "Vigilante" is, while the crooks he was supposed to fight team up to form one huge illegal gambling syndicate.

RoboCop eventually catches up to the crooks, and defeats them in a huge firefight. In the process, he helps Malloy recover his memories and personality. Malloy is supposedly killed when an explosion blows him through a wall and into a nearby river. Madigan calls for search-and-rescue, but it seems that Malloy is nowhere to be found...

RoboCop: "Thank you...partner."

RoboCop: "Malloy's rule no. 3; always look out for your partner..."

OCP has developed a "Commander Cash" scratch-and-win lottery ticket with a huge jackpot. It only costs a dollar to play, but the odds of winning are (of course) astronomical. Also, the U.S. Treasury has issued a Ronald Reagan $1 coin, a.k.a. the "Ronnie". The DPD gets a lot of memos from OCP (sound familiar?). Sgt. Parks never reads them--he just initials them. This comes back to haunt him when his initials allow an coin-op "Commander Cash" Lottery kiosk to be installed in the precinct. Gadget steals Ronnies from everyone so she can play, hoping to win the jackpot so she can buy the Sarge a boat.

16 "Sisters in Crime":
The Chairman of OCP is kidnapped and forced to do housework! Meanwhile, OCP Board member Harold Hammer is plotting a corporate coup d'etat, while co-conspirator Chip Chaken secretly plots with fellow ex- OCP exec Rochelle Carney to steal half of OCP's stock before anyone knows what hit them.

W.O.M.B. (Women for the Overthrow of Male Bondage) is a pro-feminist activist group, protesting "unfair" labor practices at OCP. RoboCop arrests two of them for defacing police property--him! But there's more to it than meets the eye; the Radical Femmes (a splinter group) have conspired with Rochelle Carney (who is secretly in league with Chip Chayken) to kidnap the Chairman and force him to miss a meeting with Board of Directors. If he doesn't show up, his stock will be proxied among the other board members, and co-conspirator Harold Hammer will take over as Chairman. Before that happens, however, Chayken and Carney are going to loot OCP's assets for all they're worth, leaving Hammer in charge of a nearly-bankrupt OCP--and the Radical Femmes to take the fall.

Chip Chayken manages to bluff his way into a meeting with the Chairman-- disguised as a woman!--with two members of the Radical Femmes at his side. They force the Chairman to wear women's clothing, then sneak him out of the building. Chaken then uploads a virus into MetroNet, especially designed to take out Diana without crashing NeuroBrain or MetroNet.

RoboCop discovers this when he reviews security camera footage, detailing Chayken's illegal actions. Robo uploads his anti-virus program and frees Diana. She traces Chayken's vid-phone calls to Harold Hammer's estate. Hammer initially denies everything, but finally admits that Chayken is on the premises.

Chip and Rochelle try to run over RoboCop, and it looks like they did--but Robo is hanging onto the roof of their car. Using his Auto-9 to take out the engine, Robo orders them to surrender. Chaken pulls a gun and uses Ms. Carney as a human shield. Diana then steps in, broadcasting her voice over the P.A. system (?), and using the street lights to project electric shocks, eventually rendering Chayken unconscious. Rochelle Carney: "Did he forget to pay his electric bill?"
RoboCop: "Something like that."

17 "Heartbreakers":
RoboCop's true identity is discovered by an ruthless OCP excutive. Nancy Murphy is kidnapped to force Robo to steal a top-secret weapon. The "Heartbreaker" destroys the heart muscle with a microwave beam.

18 "Mother's Day":
Gadget reunites with her mother.

Sgt. Parks: "Kids! They'll drive you crazy!"
RoboCop: "They can be trouble...but they are worth it."

Gadget's mother, Sally Modesto, is in debt to gangster Vladimir "Stitch" Molotov, so she agrees to work for him, and to con Gadget into agreeing to live with her. Gadget would then be used as a hostage to force Sgt. Parks to withdraw his upcoming testimony against Molotov.

19 "Nanno":
MetroNet and NeuroBrain (Diana) are crippled by nannites. Unless RoboCop can restore order, paralyzed Detective Lisa Madigan will die.

20 "Corporate Raiders":
Teenage would-be corporate execs are manipulated by a ruthless businesswoman, and Jimmy Murphy is caught up in their plot against OCP. Also, Russell Murphy discovers what really happened to his son.

21 "Midnight Minus One":
OCP is developing a new worldwide police information network. Unfortunately, the creator has his own ideas for making a killing; offering to erase the criminal records of the world's biggest crooks-- for a price. He almost gets rid of RoboCop in a car-crusher, but Robo finds enough inner strength to exceed his designed strength limits and escape.

22 "Public Enemies"
(Series Finale!): Dr. Cray Z. Millardo and William Ray "Pudface" Morgan conspire to assassinate RoboCop, the President of the United States, and the Chairman of OCP all at once. Ex-OCP exec Chip Chaken is in on the plot.