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Funs facts and info from behind the camera.

The series takes place 4-5 years after the original RoboCop film. It ignores the two sequels.

Michael Miner and Ed Neumeier scripted an unused RoboCop sequel, Orion went in a different direction, but elements of this unused sequel appear in the pilot for the television series.

The series got cancelled after just one season because of few viewers and generally bad reviews.

The production company wasn’t aware the RoboCop writing duo had the right of first refusal to write a RoboCop TV pilot. When they read about the announced series, they contacted the producers and they had a meeting of minds.

For copyright purposes all the main characters except RoboCop/Alex Murphy has had their names changed. Anne Lewis is Lisa Madigan and the old man is the chairman and so on. For the same copyright reasons they could not use ED-209 or any reference of the robot.

This episode "Prime Suspect" plays out like a remake of "The Fugitive" movie, with Robocop in the role of Kimball. Even going so far as to replicate the Kimball/Gerard face off in the sewers down to the dialogue. This Episode was also based on the "Prime Suspect" Dark Horse comic.

The gun on the TV series is a lighter version of the one in the first movie. The original was a 9mm weapon. They created a lighter gun when importing the real gun into Canada proved difficult. It is easier to handle by the actor in the Robo-suit.

The series films in Canada for around $1.25 million per episode.

Ten series scripts were ready for production when principal photography ended on the pilot.

Cinespace studios in Toronto devoted fifty thousand square feet of permanent sets to simulate Old Detroit and its environs, including Omni-Consumer Products headquaters.