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He's the ultimate weapon in crime prevention: part man, part machine, all cop. He's the Future of Law Enforcement. He's ROBOCOP. And he's back...

More than a decade after Paul Verhoeven's 1987 cyberpunk hit introduced him to the world, Fireworks Entertainment and Rigel joined forces with visionary producer-director Julian Grant and screenwriters Brad Abraham and Joseph O'Brien to bring the 21st-century hero into the real 21st century in a new, four-part television miniseries collectively entitled RoboCop: Prime Directives.

The miniseries is divided into four, two-hour movies; each segment tells an independent story, but viewed as a whole, together they emerge as an epic, sweeping narrative of crime and justice, ROBOCOP-style.

Delta City, now dubbed "The Safest Place On Earth!", is a futuristic megalopolis wholly owned and operated by Omni Consumer Products. Ten years after his death and resurrection as RoboCop, Alex Murphy (Page Fletcher) has begun to feel his age. On the verge of obsolescence, RoboCop must also contend with the fact that his now-grown son, James (Anthony Lemke), is an OCP executive who is unaware that his father is still alive. In addition, RoboCop's former partner, John T. Cable (Maurice Dean Wint) has returned to Delta City as its new Security Commander.

But there is a new threat to Delta City: a mysterious vigilante called Bone Machine is cutting a swath through the criminal element of Delta City with the help of an experimental, armored combat suit. Through Cable and RoboCop's joint investigation into Bone Machine, we learn about Alex Murphy and John Cable's past, their years on the force together, and the falling out between them that ultimately led to Murphy's fateful transfer to Metro West Precinct where he was murdered by Clarence Boddicker's gang and recreated by OCP as RoboCop.

At OCP, Security Concepts chief Sara Cable (Maria Del Mar), John Cable's ex-wife, brings young James Murphy under her wing, inducting him into a secret group of executives known as The Trust. The Trust is attempting to overthrow the current executive board, but RoboCop and Cable's investigation into Bone Machine is coming dangerously close to exposing them. RoboCop is reprogrammed by The Trust with a new directive, instructing him to terminate John Cable. Cable's only chance is to try and reach through to RoboCop's human side, to make contact with Alex Murphy, an action that causes severe system conflicts within RoboCop conflicts that, if left unchecked, will destroy him...

The second episode is called "Meltdown" and features Cable's return as a new high-tech Robocop who is programmed to kill Murphy. Meanwhile, The Trust sends in a squad of "robohunters" to destroy both of the cyborg officers, who are battling it out in the ruins of Old Detroit.

In the third installment, "Resurrection," The Trust manages to seize control of OCP, the company that created Robocop and Delta City. They turn all OCP operations over to an artificial intelligence known as SAINT, but a rogue OCP employee brainwashes Cable to deliver a virus to the system. Meanwhile, the robohunters return for another try at the cyborgs, this time enhanced with bio-boosters and led by Alex's son James.

Finally, in "Crash and Burn" Murphy has to fight his way past Cable in order to disable the now-infected SAINT system before it destroys the city. However, the only way he can defeat the computer is to set off an electronic pulse that will result in his own death.